Walt Disney World Is “BARREN”; No Guests to Be Found

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What is going on?

Usually, the Disney Parks are incredibly popular and crowded places to spend a vacation. Millions of Guests from all over the world head to the Parks every year, which causes a large but expected crowd level. Waiting in lines and squeezing past other Guests is something that Guests know to be ready for when they enter the Parks.

This is why Guests were shocked and confused to see the Parks looking “suspiciously not packed” on a recent trip to Walt Disney World Resort.

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Where Are the Fans?!

2023 has been a very busy year for Disney Parks. As time passes since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more people are feeling safe and comfortable traveling to places like Walt Disney World Resort.

In fact, earlier this year, Walt Disney World was making headlines for its massive Disney crowds. Numerous high-traffic days resulted in Disney’s Genie+ service selling out at record prices, usually $35+ per day. On top of the pandemic simmering down, Guests also were incentivized to visit because of all the exciting new attractions that hit the Parks this year. In Walt Disney World, the opening of the TRON Lightcycle/ Run was a huge draw for families in the spring season.

Usually, one of the biggest concerns when planning a Disney World vacation is the heavy crowds. The thought of navigating through a sea of people and waiting in long lines for rides can be overwhelming. However, that is not a problem for Guests visiting the Parks recently.

Four Disney Parks at Beacons of Magic

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Guest Reports Shocking Emptiness

In a post on Reddit, one Guest asked an important question, saying;

“Anyone notice the parks are…. suspiciously not packed?

Genie plus today was $22. Im walking around fantasyland and this is the first time I’m able to see all the way down the street, alongside other parts of the park, today is probably the most “barren” i’ve seen the parks.

I say barren in quotations because it’s barren to Disney Park standards. Longest wait i’ve seen today was 70 minutes for 7 dwarves and it shot down to like 45 minutes earlier, before it went totally down.

Anyone else notice the parks having less people than normal?”

Anyone notice the parks are…. suspiciously not packed?
by u/Apocalypsezz in WaltDisneyWorld


Surpsinging, this time of May is usually pretty mellow due to the school year finishing up; in fact, these are some of the best days to visit! Guests who can head to the theme Park this week to enjoy shorter lines and smaller crowds definitely should.

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