“COMPLETELY Empty Day” at Disney Park… What’s Going On?!

Disneyland Vacant
Credit: Disney

This is getting eerie!

Guests visiting a Disney Park this week were in for a massive surprise when they realized they were some of the only Guests there. Some incredibly haunting photos from May 1, 2023, have been released that show the Park looking like a complete Ghost Town. This incredible phenomenon has caused Disney fans to question what is happening at the Parks.

One Guest reports the scene from inside the Parks, saying, “I haven’t seen Disneyland this empty.

crowds at disneyland

Credit: LA Times

Crowds Disappear From Disney; Where Are the Fans?!

Every year, millions of fans flock to Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort to spend their vacation. Families love visiting the Resorts and making magical memories with their families. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen crowd levels continue to rise as more families feel comfortable traveling once again. The Disney Parks have met and surpassed their previous pre-pandemic attendance records. Now, the main concern for Guests vacationing at Disney has been how to avoid the large crowds and massive lines best.

Magic Kingdom Entrance with Crowd

Credit: Disney Dining

Usually, the Guests can expect to have to fight their way through a sea of Guests, but this week, that is not the case. Guests visiting Disneyland Resort were shocked to see how vacant the Parks were. Rides that usually have wait times over an hour were practically walk-ons. Fans are puzzled by this extreme emptiness.

Disneyland Resort Hits Massive Low

This year has ended up being a year of highs and lows at the Walt Disney Theme Park. March and April saw massive crowds at the Parks for Spring Break and Easter weekend. Sell-outs and record-high pricing were happening left and right. Now Disneyland Resort looks practically empty as the slow season sets in.

Adventureland disneyland

Credit: Disney

The beginning of May is not usually a super busy time for Disneyland Resort, especially on weekdays. This makes it the best time to visit before the crowds rush in. Photos posted by LMG Vids on Twitter show just how empty Disneyland Park and California Adventure Park really are.

These crowds will not last much longer as the end of the school year is creeping closer. Once the summer season starts, you can expect crowds all season long. If you can, now would be the time to plan a vacation to Disneyland Park and enjoy the best day of the calm before the storm.

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