Watch Out ‘PAW Patrol,’ THESE Puppies Will Avenge You!

Captain America Loki Ai puppies Marvel

Whatever your thoughts or fears about artificial intelligence, you have to admit that it can create some awe-inspiring things. This new installment of AI art from @creat.ai on Instagram will surely melt your heart whether you are a Marvel fan or not.

Please enjoy “Marvel Puppies,” AKA The Avengers as baby doggos!

Captain America and Ironman as AI puppies spots


Captain America

First, feast your eyes on puppy Captain America. If this doesn’t inspire patriotism, I don’t know what will. Do you see that look of determination on his little snoot? He can do this all day! Chris Evans is a dog lover, so he’d definitely approve. I’m sure Steve Rogers would too!

Iron Man

Little Iron Man has got the puppy dog eyes down to an art. Did someone take away his tennis ball? His arc reactor? Where’s Happy when you need him? Those furry little ears would melt the shrapnel orbiting Tony Stark’s heart.

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Thor and Loki as Ai puppies pug with horns



Audiences are widely attracted to Chris Hemsworth’s Thor, but this little looker is winning on the cuteness scale! I think I was expecting him to be more blonde. I don’t know what those little tools are at his paws, but I’d be interested to see this pup wield a hammer.


This pug-like Loki is something I didn’t know I needed. Is this not the most perfect canine representation of Loki? All bark and no bite. Those golden horns clash hilariously with his little sweet smushed face. The jury is still out on Tom Hiddleston’s Loki, but this pup is most certainly a very good boy.

Groot and Doctor Strange as cute AI puppies



I’m actually not getting “puppy” that much in this Groot AI. He looks more like a little baby tree version of his best friend Rocket Raccoon. I’m equally happy with that though. Look at those leaves behind his ears! The cuteness persists. I wonder if his barks sound like “I am Groot.”

Doctor Strange

Puppy Strange is definitely the most mature of the bunch. Which makes sense – he is a doctor. I don’t know how I feel about seeing a dog float around in a cape, but his tricolored face tells me it’s most likely adorable. He probably buried the time stone in the backyard or something.

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Watch out Paw Patrol, there’s a new pack in town!

Would these be the Avengers’ pets?? Next, I’d like to see kitty Black Widow, Hulk, Scarlet Witch, and Spider-Man, please.

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