Chris Evans Named His Dog After A Little-Known Disney Movie!

Chris and Dodger
Chris Evans/ Instagram

Chris Evans truly is an all-American hero. He’s best known to the world as Marvel’s Captain America, but the actor’s personality, good looks, and down-to-earth attitude are what win over audiences everywhere.

Get ready to swoon again because, on Good Morning America, Chris Evans revealed that he named his dog Dodger after a character in the underrated Disney movie Oliver & Company (1988). Is Chris Evans lowkey a Disney adult?


“Look at those eyes … cuteness overload!” ❤️🐕 Chris Evans is the sweetest dog dad. He adopted Dodger when he was working on a film in Savannah: “I rounded the corner and saw him and just knew right away.” #ChrisEvans #Dogs #Adopt #Ghosted

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Oliver & Company is a retelling of Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens, only Disney-fied. The main character, Oliver, is an orange orphan kitten mixed up with a gang of dog thieves led by Dodger. Dodger is a canine with a heart of gold and is voiced by Billy Joel!

Oliver is adopted by a loving little girl, Jenny, from a wealthy family. When the dogs rescue him, the Fagin character realizes how much money they could make by ransoming little Oliver. Things go downhill pretty quickly, but by the end, Oliver is back with Jenny, and the gang is happy to keep in touch.

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Oliver & Company


The animated film almost seemed lost to time and obscured both other Disney hits that became instant classics. Leave it to Captain America to make Oliver & Company relevant again.

Chris Evans adopted Dodger back in 2017 while shooting a movie and has advocated for pet adoption, especially the adoption of older animals. It was love at first sight! When Evans learned the dog he was about to adopt was an orphan from the street, it instantly made him think of the Artful Dodger. Chris reluctantly admits his reference was less literary and more animated.

Chris Evans and Dodger

Chris Evans / Instagram

Like so many others, Evans grew up watching Oliver & Company and felt compelled to reference it for his new dog’s namesake. Chris said the Dodger he adopted looked like the animated dog from his childhood, and the rest is history.

Do you see the resemblance?

Dodger v Dodger

Chris Evans / Disney

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