Video: Could Disney Power Couple, Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Be Headed For Divorce?

Video: Could Disney Power Couple, Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Be Headed For Divorce?
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Mickey Mouse has been the face of The Walt Disney Company since its inception in 1923. Upon losing the rights for Oswald the Lucky Rabbit to Universal, Walt Disney, and Ub Iwerks got to work creating the company’s new mascot. Originally named Mortimer Mouse, Lillian Disney, Walt’s wife, famously told the animation duo that the name Mortimer sounded like a villain and dubbed the mouse Mickey! Mickey Mouse is one of the most recognizable characters in the world. You’ll find him printed on memorabilia in just about any country. He transcends borders and cultures. He’s easily the most famous rodent on the planet. Despite given Mickey’s success, Walt and Ub both felt he was still missing something.

Disney’s “Mouse King” Gets His Happily Ever After

Behind every successful anthropomorphic mouse husband stands an equally successful mouse wife. So Walt and Iwerks went back to the literal drawing table, and in 1928 Minnie Mouse was born. The heel-clad Minnie Mouse made her first appearance alongside her beau in 1928’s Steamboat Willie. Minnie Mouse was similar in design to Mickey. Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks purposely ensured that the characteristics between the two stayed similar so the two looked and felt as if they belonged together. It worked. The pair became a mainstay couple across the globe and were married, according to Walt Disney, in 1933.

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Adorable, right? Sure, but hold your proverbial horses. Marriage, or as I like to call it, “the great sanctifier,” is a difficult commitment. Learning to live, plan, compromise, and parent with another completely different human being can be tough, even for a fictional mouse couple. This explains soaring divorce rates in the United States, which celebrities are not immune to. While Minnie Mouse runs a successful business and Mickey Mouse is busy heading up a huge empire that includes Disneyland and Walt Disney World, it could be expected that the two would eventually have a scuffle or two.

Are Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse In Trouble?

Some of the best marriage advice I’ve ever gotten is to keep your disagreements private, don’t air them out for the world to see. You’re on the same team after all. Well, it appears that no one told Mickey and Minnie, and the two may consider marriage counseling soon (preferably with Dr.Goofy) following a public spat the couple had in front of Disney Guests.

Recently during a parade, which looks to be in Disneyland (we could be wrong), the two pop icons had a disagreement atop of their float for the entire world to see. It seems that the billionaire mice super couple have problems just like any typical, human, non-billionaire marriage. In a recent video that has the entertainment world buzzing, Mickey Mouse seems to have had enough of whatever his spouse had to say, and responds by placing his hand up to Minnie’s face. Any husband,  who’s been a husband long enough, will tell you that although this is the international sign for “I’ve had enough,” it isn’t the smartest move when dealing with an angry wife, although we must remain to differences that are norms for mouse-culture. Minnie, claps back at Mickey, who then lunges torwards the female superstar while still aboard the float.

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Mickey Mouse Takes Things Too Far

We’re no expert here, but Minnie’s immediate response to Mickey’s sudden movement was to flinch and jumped backwards away from her seemingly angry husband. Although we’ve written the majority of this in a cute, laughable way, this detail of what happened is actually very concerning. Especially as children watch from the nearby street. It’s difficult to tell, but as it is out of character, the actors could be having a legitimate fight, and the genuine response from Minnie’s actor/actress is concerning. We’re certain Disney will take appropriate action and look into the incident.

Like any wife, Minnie knows the right buttons to press and quickly defuses the situation by playfully rubbing Mickey’s nose. Side note: I’m going to try this on my wife the next time she’s angry with me. I’ll report back with how it goes. Mickey Mouse then turns away, still visually upset, arms crossed, and the two float out of camera view.

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The entire thing was captured and posted to Instagram by Disney.scoops. You can watch the video here.

There has been no word yet about where the couple stand and if resolution was brought after the incident. It seems that currently Minnie Mouse is staying at Sleeping Beauty castle in Disneyland, while Mickey is shacked up at Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. Upon reaching out to the Fab Five representative for comment, we have yet to receive a response.

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Close Friends Voice Their Concern Over the Couple’s Recent Fight

However, close friend and iconic fowl Daisy Duck had this to say about the skirmish, “What happens behind closed doors doesn’t always stay behind closed doors. I’ve known Mickey and Minnie for a long time, and sometimes their egos get the best of them. Sorry to cut this short but I have a meet and greet at EPCOT in ten minutes. Oh Donald sweetie, could you grab my mascara?” 

We will keep you up-to-date with the latest, but we would assume that both Mickey Mouse and Minnie will find a way to put this embarrassing ordeal behind them. It’s certain that the two didn’t intend for their marriage issues to display themselves so publicly. However, if things continue to go down hill, we do worry about who takes sole custody of Pluto.


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