Mickey Mouse Goes Above and Beyond for Tired Guest – Heartwarming Video Goes Viral!”

Credit: Disney

“The Happiest Place on Earth” can quickly become the most tiring place on Earth. A Disney day is full of magic, laughter, and fun, but it is exhausting! Going from ride to ride with little break in between is enough to wear out even the most fit.

An average day at Disneyland includes up to 9 miles of walking. A long day (rope drop to Park close) could easily see up to 13 miles. That’s easily more than the average person walks on a typical day, so it’s not surprising that exhaustion sets in when the fireworks end.

For one man, the day proved to be too much. A rest on a bench quickly became a nap on a bench at Disneyland’s entrance toward the end of the night. A crowd gathered around him, including one very special visitor.

Mickey Mouse showed up to try and see if he could wake the sleeping guest. All decked out in his Disney100 finest, Mickey slowly approached the guest who had sprawled out on a bench to catch a quick nap. Mickey tapped him several times, but the guest was completely out.

Mickey mouse

Credit: TikTok/ @Disneyland_Is_Your_Land

Eventually, Mickey gave up and let the sleeping man rest, motioning that the poor guy probably needed a break and sending him “heart hands.”

Meet Mickey mouse

Credit: TikTok/ @Disneyland_Is_Your_Land

He even turned to the crowd and motioned for them to be quiet.

Meet Mickey

Credit: TikTok/ @Disneyland_Is_Your_Land

The video, which, can be seen here, garnered the attention of fans on TikTok.

Mickey Mouse meet and greet

Credit: TikTok

Nurse Michelle astutely pointed out that this is an extremely expensive nap!

Meet Mickey Mouse

Credit: TikTok

RCB jokingly referred to Disney’s most iconic movies:ย Snow White and Sleeping Beauty!ย 

Guest naps at Disneyland

Credit: TikTok

Elle pointed out exactly what we are all thinks: we’d be so upset to wake up and realize we’d missed Mickey!

This is one magical experience this guest won’t remember. One TokToker said, “Even the baby is laughing,” referring to a baby that can be heard in the background laughing at Mickey’s antics. With so many bad things occurring in the world, and even in Disney Parks, this is the sort of heartwarming wholesomeness we need right now!

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