Donald Duck and Daisy Get Their Own Duckling In This Viral Video

Donald Duck Daisy Duck meet and greet Disneyland Paris

Donald Duck and his lady love Daisy Duck are two of Disney’s most emblematic characters, but they usually fall second to Mickey Mouse and Minnie. A viral video posted by @sianapalm on TikTok will show you how Donald Duck‘s biggest fan basically became his little duckling for the day at Disneyland Paris.

A mother and young daughter duo, self-described as having a passion for Disney, posted a video earlier this month showing the toddler dressed as an adorable and convincing Donal Duck. The little girl is dressed in head-to-toe Donald attire, other than a pair of cute little sneakers that probably wouldn’t fit over the real Donald’s webbed feet.

Donald Duck and Daisy character meet and greet Disney Parks

Disney Parks

Her costume has yellow leggings that are an exact color match of Donald and Daisy’s duck legs. Over top, she wears a duck body that flares out plumply and perfectly, waddling adorably around her hips. There’s even a cute little tail. She’s also sporting Donald’s classic blue sailor shirt, accessorized with a red neck kerchief and everything!

The hat has to be the best part. The toddler wears an oversized matching blue beret in true Parisian fashion, echoing Donald’s own blue sailor cap! Take a look at @sianapalm’s first video in the park as they quest for Disney’s most famous duck couple.


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Toward the end of the video, she thinks she’s spotted him by a pond, but it turns out to just be a real live mallard duck with a green feathered head with no a sailor outfit. Definitely not Disney character duck. The video text says, “Fail.” The mother and daughter weren’t able to find Donald Duck that day but vowed to come back soon and try again.

Commenters were in full support saying things like, “WE NEED TO SEE THEM FIND DONALD,” and “I need to know if this little sunshine has found Donald!!??” Luckily they didn’t have to wait long because @sianapalm posted this gem shortly after.


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Viewers agreed that the little Disney fan looked like Donald and Daisy Duck’s child as she strolled with them hand in hand. Cast Members in the video show adoration for the toddler and her favorite character sharing a magical moment.

Donald is such a softie at heart! We know what Daisy sees in him!

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