Disney Has Completely Changed Designs for Mickey & Minnie Mouse

mickey minnie mouse goofy donald and blue on main street before cinderella castle
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A new video on the Disney Parks’ TikTok account reveals a startingly update to the designs for Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, which will soon open its latest attraction, TRON Lightcycle / Run.

One of the best Disney Parks experiences available to Guests is the ability to meet-and-greet with famous characters like Mickey and Minnie, interacting with them in real time and seeing the beloved cartoon characters up close. Typically, Disney opts for a traditional design but will often change the pair’s outfits based on location theming, special occasions, or unique celebrations.

Credit: Disney

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For instance, all members of the Fab Five debuted a new look in honor of the 50th Anniversary celebration in 2020, with the characters just recently donning new outfits as part of the Disney100 and 100 Years of Wonder festivities at the Disneyland Resort. Now, another change has come to these celebrated favorites, this time jumping towards a more futuristic look, and fans have something to say about it!

At the Magic Kingdom, construction is almost complete on TRON Lightcycle / Run, the fastest Disney coaster of its kind. In fact, while Cast Members and Annual Passholders have already previewed the ride to success, Disney is preparing to open the thrill ride attraction to general admission Guests next month.

Tron Merch

Credit: Disney

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In addition, ahead of the April 4 opening, Disney has added finishing touches such as the post-show photo opportunity with Team Green, presented by Enterprise, new costumes for the attractions Cast, and even an adorable piece of water artwork out front of the queue’s main entrance. However, Cast Members aren’t the only ones getting a new ‘fit in order to enter The Grid!


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In the video, we see Mickey and Minnie in black outfits inspired by the gaming suits worn by characters in TRON (1982) and TRON: Legacy (2010). Plus, Mickey’s suit and Minnie’s dress feature blue-light LED accents matching the ride’s Team Blue storyline, seen in its architectural design and ride vehicles.

tron lightcycle run

Credit: Disney

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Of course, fans love the change, already asking when TRON Mickey and Minnie will begin meeting Guests for photos. Even so, Disney has not yet announced if the characters will have set times to engage with Magic Kingdom Guests or if the video was merely filmed as promotional material to advertise the ride.

But Twitter posts suggest there are TRON costume versions for Donald Duck and Goofy as well, and all four characters made appearances at private social media events taking place this week. Perhaps if the Fab Five does well with this audience, TRON meet-and-greets will be in our future! END OF LINE.


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