Universal Hilariously Estimates Disney’s Tron Coaster Completion Year

Universal and Walt Disney World
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As massive Disney fans, we must say we typically roll our eyes at Universal’s random jokes insulting Disney… but this one… we just had to laugh. That’s right, Universal hilariously estimates Disney’s Tron coaster completion year, and well, it’s not very nice.

Universal Orlando Resort
Credit: Universal

Big news has hit for Universal Orlando Resort. We previously shared that Universal has revealed its newest Theme Park, Epic Universal, is scheduled to arrive in Central Florida in Summer 2025. With construction barely having even begun, Universal has a LOT of work to do in three years’ time. Can they do it? Well, as quickly as they built the brand-new Jurassic World VelociCoaster… yes, we believe they can.

With the Walt Disney World Resort giant sitting right next door, Universal Orlando Resort proudly displayed the “Summer 2025” to its Twitter account:

Of course, Universal fans are thrilled with the news! We personally can’t wait to experience Epic Universe, as we’ve seen nothing but great things coming out of Universal recently. With the Disney fandom in a buzz over its dislike with all the changes Disney’s CEO Bob Chapek is making, it seems like fans have been more and more willing to check out Disney’s competitor.

And Universal is LOVING every minute of it! Not only has Universal reported a $1.2 billion increase in Theme Park revenue for the 4th quarter in 2021, but they often take a moment to poke fun at the seemingly sleeping giant.

Epic Universe
Credit: Universal

When Disney fans lined up for Figment popcorn buckets, Universal was there to tease. When EPCOT’s Space 220 Restaurant opened, Universal made fun of its screens. Of course, when the Disney Genie launched, Universal jumped back with a “Why This” tweet.

While much of Universal’s teasing at Disney is harmless, they even went as far recently as to suggest Disney won’t exist in the future. Walt Disney World Resort remains quiet with no response to Universal Orlando Resort. There was however one response from the west coast competitors when an out-of-the-character tweet from Disneyland Resort called out Universal Studios Hollywood for being named the most expensive Theme Park in the world.

Jurassic World VelociCoaster
Jurassic World VelociCoaster (Credit: Universal)

Alas, back in Central Florida, Universal is celebrating its hopeful Epic Universe Theme Park addition in 2025, while Walt Disney World still hasn’t completed its Magic Kingdom Park roller coaster which was originally announced to be complete in 2021 for the 50th Anniversary.

Of course, the COVID pandemic hit which has slowed down the construction of the TRON Lightcycle Run. You’d still think, however, the construction of the highly anticipated coaster could move a little faster as its sister attraction in Shanghai Disneyland, Tron Lightcycle Power Run surely can share its blueprints.

Shanghai Tron
Shanghai Disneyland Tron (Credit: Disney)

And while we Disney fans are hopeful the Magic Kingdom TRON coaster will open in 2022, a recent report from Disney makes us think it won’t be complete until 2023. Yes, that’s a full 6 years since it was first announced to the public (2017) to its possible completion in 2023. 6 years for ONE Magic Kingdom roller coaster. Meanwhile, Universal’s Epic Universe was announced in 2019 and will likely be complete in 2025. That’s 6 years for a new Theme Park.

But, six years is a whole lot better than 55 years, right?! When someone tweeted “Tron opening?” to Universal’s comment about “Summer 2025” for Epic Universe, Universal was quick to reply with “2072”.

Who knows why Universal picked 2072?! Of course, the comments are the best part.

The gifs are on point as well!

Ok, be honest! What do you think? Did Universal go too far with their tease of 2072 Tron completion? Or did you laugh a little too?

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