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Disney Reportedly Removes Figment From ‘Journey Into Imagination’

A colorful animated dragon wearing a striped shirt holds a scepter, standing in a whimsical, mechanically decorated room with vibrant colors and arched doorways.

The Figment animatronic, featured in the beloved attraction “Journey Into Imagination With Figment,” is a true marvel of Imagineering. This whimsical character comes to life through advanced audio-animatronics technology, engaging guests of all ages in a delightful and imaginative experience. With carefully calculated movements and expressive gestures, Figment captivates visitors as they embark on a colorful adventure through the world ...

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Disney World Guest Trapped, Recounts “Hard To Breathe” Incident

EPCOT World Celebration Gardens

Walt Disney World is not just a theme park; it’s a place where guests can experience imagination, adventure, and nostalgia. Disney World is a dream destination for families, thrill-seekers, and Disney enthusiasts alike. One of the four major theme parks within Disney World is EPCOT, which stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. Disney World is home to four theme ...

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Fans Have Voted: This is Your “Worst Ride at EPCOT”

worst ride at epcot

Ready for a new series? We are, too! We at Disney Dining are dedicated to bringing you the “best of” when it comes to tips and tricks at Walt Disney World. Contrary to our name, this doesn’t always only apply to delicious eats and treats, but if we’re going to bring you the “best,” we’ve also got to cover the ...

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Disney Announces the CLOSING of Journey Into Imagination With Figment

Figment Closing

It has become evident over the past couple of years that Figment fever is alive and well. The fanbase for this purple little dragon has exponentially grown over the past few years. Fans truly cannot get enough of Figment, the dragon, and Disney has noticed. Now, Disney will break the hearts of many fans with their announcement that Figment’s ride, ...

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First Look at EPCOT’s New Loungefly Backpack

walt disney world epcot night time ball spaceship earth

Walt Disney World Resort frequently releases new Loungefly backpacks featuring classic rides, attractions, and Disney characters. RELATED: The 2023 EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival Merchandise Will Make Your Jaw DROP! Old Face on a New Bag A new Figment Loungefly backpack has just appeared at Creations Shop within EPCOT. In an homage to the mascot of EPCOT, the glossy purple ...

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Change My Mind: Journey into Imagination with Figment is BETTER than Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

Guests on Guardians of the Galaxy saying Figment ride was better

Put away your Element Guns and hear me out. It may sound ridiculous. I may sound crazy. But oh well. I have searched the universe for years, and I will stand by my claim concerning these attractions at the Walt Disney World Resort and back it up with the following… RELATED: Disney Imagineer Defends ‘Song of the South’ and Splash Mountain ...

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DeSantis and Disney’s New MagicBand

Two images - Desantis on one side, guest with magic band on the other

Governor Ron DeSantis and the Walt Disney Company are having a good week (depending on who you ask). RELATED: DeSantis Tries to Kill Disney Suit Governor Ron DeSantis The Florida Governor recently scored a win in court against the Walt Disney Company. Disney had attempted to have the case against them dismissed that was filed by the Central Florida Tourism Oversight ...

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No Line, No Problem! Attractions That Never Have a Wait


Nearly every moment of a Walt Disney World Resort vacation is a magical one, but there are sometimes instances where the magic might seem a little further way than others. Long wait times and lines can definitely put a damper on any day in a Disney Park, but they are to be expected when it comes to popular attractions and ...

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The Smells of Walt Disney World


Part of what makes the Walt Disney World Resort so magical is the incredible attention to detail created by the Disney Imagineers that completely immerses Guests in experiences. In order to achieve such immersion, Disney Imagineers appeal to all of the senses to make Guests truly believe that they are exploring a galaxy far, far, away, flying over the streets ...

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