Disney Reportedly Removes Figment From ‘Journey Into Imagination’

A colorful animated dragon wearing a striped shirt holds a scepter, standing in a whimsical, mechanically decorated room with vibrant colors and arched doorways.
Credit: Disney

The Figment animatronic, featured in the beloved attraction “Journey Into Imagination With Figment,” is a true marvel of Imagineering. This whimsical character comes to life through advanced audio-animatronics technology, engaging guests of all ages in a delightful and imaginative experience. With carefully calculated movements and expressive gestures, Figment captivates visitors as they embark on a colorful adventure through the world of imagination.

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Credit: Disney

Missing in Action: What Happened to Figment?

One of the most endearing qualities of the Figment animatronic is its ability to evoke a sense of childlike wonder and curiosity in those who encounter it. As Figment interacts with riders throughout the attraction, sparking creativity and inspiring joy, it truly embodies the spirit of imagination that is at the core of the Disney experience.

The attention to detail in Figment’s design, from the flutter of his wings to the twinkle in his eyes, adds depth and personality to this mischievous yet lovable character.

As guests journey alongside Figment, they are not merely spectators but active participants in a shared exploration of creativity and innovation. The animatronic Figment serves as a guide, encouraging guests to embrace their imagination and see the world through a different lens.

Through cleverly scripted dialogue and engaging interactions, Figment fosters a sense of connection and camaraderie, making each ride unique and memorable for all who partake in the experience.

Figment with Spaceship Earth

Credit: Disney / Canva

Because of his iconic presence, many of his dedicated fans have memorized every intricate detail of his face and body, making it easy to notice when something looks out of place. One knowledgeable fan noticed a difference in the animatronic when visiting the park this week, leading them to allege that Disney swapped out the animatronic for a different model.

Was Figment Replaced?

In a post on Reddit, one fan noticed that Figment looked slightly different from them on a recent ride at the attraction. In the photos shared by the guest, you can see slight differences in the dragon’s eyes and face.

Rode Figment again today and it seems they ‘updated’ the animatronic(first pic is the old one, second is what I saw today)
byu/emercrump inWaltDisneyWorld

Some fans explain that the dragon animatronic may have been swapped out for an older version while they implemented repairs on the dragon. Disney uses this common practice to keep the ride moving while making repairs to animatronic features.

While it is a bummer to see this attraction go down, it is, unfortunately, a necessary part of keeping Walt Disney World Resort running and functioning as fans desire it to. The Figment animatronic in “Journey Into Imagination With Figment” exemplifies the magic and creativity that define the Disney theme park experience.

Through its charm, wit, and engaging presence, Figment inspires visitors to embrace their own imaginations and celebrate the power of creativity. While it may be replaced for repairs, the ride and the spirit of the character remain intact.

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