NEW: Figment Is Getting a 2.0 Popcorn Bucket… Prepare for Chaos!

Figment new popcorn bucket
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Back in 2022, Walt Disney World Resort fans were in for a delightful surprise when Disney unveiled the highly coveted Figment popcorn buckets during the EPCOT festival. These whimsical and eye-catching collectibles captured the hearts of Disney enthusiasts and sparked a frenzy of excitement and anticipation.

The Figment popcorn buckets quickly became the must-have accessory for visitors exploring the magical world of EPCOT. With their vibrant colors and intricate designs, these buckets served as a practical way to enjoy delicious popcorn and as cherished souvenirs that encapsulated the festival’s spirit.

Now, fans are preparing for the carnage to continue with the release of the 2.0 version of the Figment popcorn bucket.

Disney World Figment popcorn bucket

Credit: Disney

Figment Fanatics Look Back on Popcorn Bucket Madness of 2022

The popularity of the Figment popcorn buckets soared to unprecedented heights as Disney fans worldwide flocked to EPCOT, eager to lay their hands on these limited-edition treasures. The allure of owning one of these popular buckets drove fans to wait in lines all day in the Florida sun. Many fans chose to wait for these buckets due to the high number they were reselling for on eBay.

Word spread like wildfire among Disney enthusiasts, captivating the attention of not just seasoned park-goers but also resellers who saw this as an opportunity to cash in on the craze. For many, the Figment popcorn buckets became a symbol of the EPCOT festival, igniting a whole new generation of Figment fans. Now, Walt Disney World Resort is hoping to once again capitalize on this fandom by introducing a new Figment popcorn bucket, the ‘Figment Premium Popcorn Bucket with Rainbow Popcorn.’

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Credit: Disney

It’s Here!

Figment superfans, you might want to sit down for this one. It has just been revealed that a brand-new Figment popcorn bucket will be for sale at the EPCOT International Festival of the Arts in 2024. This festival is already expected to be a huge draw for guests to Walt Disney World Resort, and this bucket will only help heighten that appeal. The bucket will be for sale at Figment’s Inspiration Station at the Odyssey.


As the festival draws near, fans should be prepared once again to relive the madness of the 2022 popcorn craze. Hopefully, Disney will be more equipt to handle the potential demand these buckets could bring.

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  1. Why can’t Disney set it up so you can get one bucket per person at Epcot and let people get one per person online ?

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