First Look at EPCOT’s New Loungefly Backpack

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Walt Disney World Resort frequently releases new Loungefly backpacks featuring classic rides, attractions, and Disney characters.

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Old Face on a New Bag

A new Figment Loungefly backpack has just appeared at Creations Shop within EPCOT. In an homage to the mascot of EPCOT, the glossy purple bag has meticulous details capturing the magic of the purple dragon, including his yellow eyes, orange horns, and wings. It has purple straps and a purple handle, and at the bottom of the bag is an illustration of Figment inside a yellow gear.

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The inside of the Figment Loungefly backpack is lined with images of Figment, lightbulbs, and “imagination” icons that any EPCOT fan will recognize.


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♬ One Little Spark (From “Journey Into Imagination”) – Wind Dectet – Untitled Virtual Ensemble

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Figment, a History

For those unfamiliar with the classic Disney character, Figment debuted in 1983 as the sidekick of The Dreamfinder in the attraction “Journey into Imagination” at EPCOT. He embodies the spirit of creativity, encouraging park guests to embrace their imaginative powers.


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Throughout the years, Figment’s playful antics and infectious energy have made him a fan favorite (despite the many changes to the attraction he debuted in).

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Although the original “Journey into Imagination” ride has changed much since the 80s at the Disney Park, Figment has remained its signature character and his status as the EPCOT mascot. His popularity extends beyond the Walt Disney World theme parks with merchandise, plush toys, and appearances in various forms of Disney media.


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A Figment Renaissance?

Rumors have been swirling over Walt Disney World Resort refurbishing “Journey into Imagination with Figment,” and EPCOT fans have been begging for a return of The Dreamfinder character. In addition, the Walt Disney Company will be releasing a Figment book, and there were also talks last year about him getting a Disney Plus show. But we’ll see…

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