Has Disney Discarded FIGMENT? Fans Fear the Worst…

figment EPCOT
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Among the many beloved characters at Walt Disney World, Figment is undoubtedly one that holds a special place in the hearts of Disney fans. Figment, a whimsical purple dragon, serves as the mascot of the Imagination Pavilion in EPCOT, one of the four magical theme parks that make up the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.

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Figment: A Disney Celebrity

There is no doubt about it: Figment is a true Disney celebrity!

Walt Disney World Resort fans can’t get enough of this purple dragon. His personality and appearance have really stuck a chord with EPCOT’s audience over the years. Something that makes Figment unique is that he is found exclusively in the Parks, not from an outside Disney IP.

Last year, the outside world realized just how real the Figment fanaticism is when his Popcorn Bucket made national news. Fans lined up for hours in sweltering Florida just for the chance to snag one of these adorable buckets. The success of these buckets proved to the world and to Disney that Figment’s audience was much larger than many had assumed.

Disney World Figment popcorn bucket

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Fans Concerned About Future of Figment’s Meet and Greet

When it was announced earlier this year that Figment would be getting a meet and greet of his own, fans freaked out. This action by Disney showed fans that Disney was open to listening to the desires of fans. It also was a refreshing break from all of the new Disney IP-related editions to EPCOT.

However, it has been months since the announcement, and fans are worried that Disney has forgotten or discarded this meet and greet. Could this be the case?

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Any news on Figment meet and greet?
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However, there is good news! Earlier this month, Disney quietly filed a permit for an “installation of scenic items” at the Journey into Imagination pavilion, a.k.a Figment’s home base.

This means that a Figment meet and greet might very well still be coming by the end of 2023. It is thrilling to know that this is on the horizon!

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