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Disney Guest Reportedly Gets Sick After Eating Fecal Matter

annoyed mad guests

Walt Disney World Resort, often referred to as “The Most Magical Place on Earth,” is a world-renowned destination that brings joy and enchantment to millions of guests each year. Families and individuals flock to the theme park to create unforgettable memories and escape into a world of fantasy. However, amidst the smiles and laughter, occasionally, the magic can take an ...

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Disney World Guest Hospitalized After Suffering Scary Emergency

If You Only Get To Visit One EPCOT Festival, Make It This One

People from all over the world come to visit Walt Disney World Resort. Sadly, experiences that ruin guests’ vacations and trips can happen from time to time, even in a place that is considered to be “The Most Magical Place on Earth.” Disney World sees thousands of guests daily. With this amount of traffic guests’ tensions can run high or ...

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Abandoned Gun Reportedly Found at Disney World Resort

Disney's Pop Century Resort Sign

Disney World takes security measures and the safety of its guests very seriously. Walt Disney World Resort is where guests come to find the magic of Disney and make memories that will last a lifetime. Disney World is home to four theme parks: Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Disney also has two water parks, Blizzard ...

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Look Out! Disney World’s Top Competitor Is Throwing Shade…

universal globe (left) and disney cinderella castle (right)

When it comes to breaking the rules at Disney World, there are some big consequences, especially for major violations. So when something happens, it becomes big Disney news, and this latest situation is no different. It’s so sensation that even one of Walt Disney World’s biggest competitors is poking fun. A Recap On Disney’s Latest Scandal, Involving Guests Jumping From ...

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One Disney World Guest Breaks Rules, Shuts Down Entire Ride

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Once upon a time, in the enchanting world of Disney, a group of guests embarked on a thrilling adventure aboard one of the park’s renowned attractions. As the ride began, one guest experienced a momentary lapse of judgment and dropped their precious cell phone. While this seems like the start of a fairytale, sadly, this happened to guests at Disney ...

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Disney World Drops Virtual Queue Program for Select Guests

Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom Park

Walt Disney World Resort has announced that it’s putting an end to a virtual queue program. Walt Disney World Resort, located in Orlando, Florida, is renowned for providing visitors with unforgettable experiences. One of the strategies Disney has employed to enhance guest satisfaction and manage crowd flow is the introduction of the Virtual Queue System. This innovative solution allows park-goers ...

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“The Planner,” Disney World Guest Named “The Worst”

annoyed mad guests

Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, is one of the most iconic and beloved theme parks in the world. Every year, millions of guests from all corners of the globe flock to Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom for a magical experience. These guests come in all ages with a wide range of interests. While ...

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Disney Mom Goes Viral Due to Reported Missing Child

mickey's not so scary halloween party 2023 sold out tickets family cinderella castle magic kingdom disney world halloween costumes

Walt Disney World Resort is known as “The Most Magical Place on Earth,” seeing thousands of guests daily with children of all ages to experience the wonder of Disney for the first-time parkgoer or regular guest. Walt Disney World Resort makes magical moments and family fun. However, amidst the enchantment and joy, there can be moments of sheer panic when ...

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Disney World Guests Reportedly Harassing Fellow Guests, Leaving Mean Messages

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Walt Disney World Resort is officially known as “The Most Magical Place on Earth.” But even the Disney magic isn’t enough to keep guests from behaving poorly… Bad Guest Behavior Is on the Rise In Walt Disney World RELATED: Disney Guests Are Beginning to Target Fellow Guests On Social Media It’s no secret that guests can and do behave poorly while ...

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