Controversial Change to Disney World “Saves” Vacation

Crowds at Walt Disney World
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It’s not very often that you might see a system that is dubbed “controversial” save a Walt Disney World Resort vacation, but that’s exactly what occurred for one guest.

Walt Disney World Resort is a place of magic, wonder, and joy, drawing millions of guests from around the world every year. However, amidst its enchanting charm, many guests face challenges, particularly during peak times like spring break, such as navigating the crowds.

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Spring break, typically spanning from late February to early April, brings an influx of travelers to the parks, creating long lines, packed walkways, and heightened wait times for attractions. Understanding the dynamics of spring break crowds and knowing how to navigate them can significantly enhance your Disney World experience.

Spring break at Magic Kingdom means longer wait times, bustling walkways, and crowded attractions. With so much to see and do, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Disney Genie+ aims to help with some of these challenges guests may experience. Genie+ is a planning tool that helps guests make informed decisions about their park itinerary for the day.

Disney Travel Agents Charge for Genie+

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One of the key features of Disney Genie+ is the ability to make Lightning Lane selections, which allow guests to skip the regular standby lines for select attractions. This is particularly advantageous during peak times like spring break when wait times can be significantly longer. By purchasing Disney Genie+ and making Lightning Lane selections, guests can minimize their wait times and maximize their time experiencing the magic of Magic Kingdom.

In a viral TikTok, one Walt Disney World guest shows his wait for Haunted Mansion, a popular attraction in Magic Kingdom. However, usually, guests who purchase Genie+ do not experience long waits, but during busy times of the year at Disney World, guests should be expected for larger crowds and longer waits.


Just one of those days. Luckily Genie+ did save us from Disney World Crowds. Was able to get 10 Lightning Lanes all E Ticket disney rides which was awesome so it minimized our time in line. We also did another 8 rides without needing Genie+. Id call that a win for a super busy Spring Break Crowd at Walt Disney World. #disneycrowds #disneyspringbreak #disneyworldcrowds #disneylines #genieplus #disneyworld #disneyadults #magickingdom #hauntedmansion #disneyrides #walruscarp

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While this guest had a long wait for some attractions, they were impressed with Genie+. These guests were able to book 10 different attractions with Disney Genie+ and then were able to join the standby line for 8 other attractions.

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Disney World guests planning their trip in hopes of purchasing Disney Genie+ to help with crowds should be prepared. Disney Genie+ prices change daily and vary depending on the date of visit and park popularity. While this may be an added expense, many guests find that the convenience and time-saving benefits outweigh the cost, especially during busy periods like spring break.

Did you purchase Disney Genie+ for your trip? If so, did it help with the crowds?

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  1. On our last trip we used it and it did help very much I will use it again next year at Christmas time

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