Disney World Confirms More Than 90 Stylish New Rides

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Walt Disney World is set to enhance its transportation experience.

Disney World is seeing massive changes with the introduction of over 90 new buses to its fleet. This significant investment represents Disney’s commitment to providing guests with efficient and comfortable transportation throughout its vast resort complex.

The new buses are not only replacing older models but are also incorporating updated accessibility features to ensure that all guests, regardless of mobility needs, can easily navigate the parks and resorts.

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One of the most exciting aspects of this fleet expansion is the addition of eye-catching wraps featuring beloved Disney characters and films. Among the new designs, guests can expect to see wraps inspired by popular movies such as Zootopia (2016) and Ratatouille (2007). How’s that for a stylish new ride to and from your Disney Resort?

These themed wraps not only add a touch of magic to the transportation experience but also serve as a delightful preview of the immersive storytelling that awaits guests throughout the parks. Disney World turns a simple bus ride into a memorable journey through the world of Disney magic.

Reporter Scott Gustin shared images of the new fleet of more than 90 buses to Walt Disney World Resort.

Beyond the aesthetic enhancements, the introduction of new buses to the fleet also speaks to Disney’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Modernizing the fleet with newer, more fuel-efficient vehicles helps reduce emissions and minimize the resort’s ecological footprint, aligning with Disney’s goals.

By investing in eco-friendly transportation solutions, Walt Disney World is not only enhancing the guest experience but also demonstrating its dedication to preserving the natural beauty of the environment for future generations to enjoy.

The addition of more buses to the fleet signifies Disney’s proactive approach to managing transportation demand within the resort. With millions of guests visiting Walt Disney World each year, efficient and reliable transportation is essential for ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for all.

By increasing the capacity of its bus fleet, Disney can better accommodate the needs of guests during peak times and special events, reducing wait times and congestion throughout the resort.

epcot monorail

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Disney World guests looking for other types of transportation still have several options such as the Monorail, Skyliner, and the Ferry Boat. The Monorail takes guests from Magic Kingdom or EPCOT and also goes to Resort Hotels.

Disney’s newest way of transportation, the Skyliner, is a gondola system that whisks guests high above the treetops, providing breathtaking aerial views as they travel between select resorts and EPCOT and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Disney Skyliner

Credit: Disney

Last but not least the Ferry Boat takes Disney World guests across the Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake, connecting Magic Kingdom to the Transportation and Ticket Center and select resort hotels. Offering a leisurely cruise with breathtaking views of Cinderella Castle and the surrounding landscape, riding the ferryboat evokes a sense of nostalgia and relaxation.

Ferry Boat Mishap at Disney World Sends Guest Flying From Scooter

Credit: Disney

For guests looking to add a bit of exercise to their Disney experience, there are also options for biking and walking paths throughout the resort. Many resorts offer bicycle rentals, allowing guests to pedal their way around the scenic grounds at their own pace.

Meanwhile, walking paths provide a picturesque route for guests to explore the resort on foot, offering glimpses of lush landscaping, tranquil waterways, and charming architectural details along the way.

Which is your favorite way to travel to Disney Parks? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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