Disney Bus Reportedly FLOODS, Trapping Fans Under Downpour: “WE HAVE NO WHERE to GO or MOVE”

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Guests visiting Walt Disney World Resort usually go expecting to have a picture-perfect vacation of their dreams. Perfect weather, low crowds, incredible interactions, and some extra pixie dust are the ideal wishes of every Disney Guest. However, any seasoned visitor can tell you that these requests often do not come true.

Due to its tropical location, Florida is known for its intense humidity and intense rain showers. While Walt Disney World Resort may not suffer from snow or hail, rain storms happen pretty much every week in Orlando, Florida. At this point, Walt Disney World is incredibly well-versed in handling storms of this nature, but every once in a while, things go wrong. 

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Disney Busses Experience Unforeseen Issues

Rain storms can cause all kinds of problems for the Disney Parks. Oftentimes, storms of this kind result in ride closures and flooding of the Parks. However, a recent storm has left fans scratching their heads due to the fact that it caused the flooding of something different: a Disney bus.

The Walt Disney World Bus System is an integral part of the magical and convenient experience that awaits visitors at the Walt Disney World Resort. With its extensive network of routes spanning the expansive property, this transportation service ensures that Guests can effortlessly navigate their way to and from various destinations within the resort.

With such a vast and sprawling complex, a reliable and well-organized transportation system is essential to ensure Guests can seamlessly explore the marvels Disney has to offer. This is where the Walt Disney World Bus System comes into play; it connects Guests to various destinations within the resort, both day and night.

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A Disaster at Disney?

While the bus is an incredibly convenient way to get around the Parks, it also can be a highly crowded form of transportation. This can be especially worsened during rain storms. However, one Guest’s alleged story of what happened during their Walt Disney World Vacation is truly something on a whole other level. In a post made to Walt Disney World Tips and Tricks, one Disney Guest claims to have had a seriously intense and traumatizing experience.

The Guest says they were riding a bus when a rainstorm hit. The storm apparently worsened and eventually caused the ceiling to leak and cause flooding within the bus. The post says,

“Please no negative comments… I only want to see if anyone else has ever had a similar experience and if so how Disney handled it.

I’ve wanted to go to Disney World since I was 4. I finally made that dream happen for my 33 bday and our 7 yr anniversary this year!
Disney was planned as a “one and done” for us so we went ALL OUT. For 7 days straight I worked relentlessly to get as many character meet and greet/ signatures as possible along with booking multiple dining experiences with the sole purpose of getting specific character’s signatures for a frame I had planned to hang up…
On day 8 it started looking like it was gonna storm so we decide to cut out a little early… when we got to the bus station a lot of people had the same idea. There were 3 people on scooters plus another 50+ppl waiting… the bus driver boarded all scooters and their riders then allowed the rest of us to enter the bus. We all sat down then the bus filled with those who were willing to stand. We were pushed to the very back of the bus where it rises and we were SUPER cramped! This is not a complaint but plays into the situation I’m about to explain…
SOOO… We’re heading back to our resort when it starts to pour. And It’s extra heavy! The rain did not let up the entire ride… as we’re toughing the seating situation out all of a sudden the emergency exits in the ceiling of the bus and all the speakers where we are sitting starts filling up with water and pouring on us!!! WE HAVE NO WHERE TO GO OR MOVE. Physically can NOT get out of the way. We’re all yelling but nothing was happening so we were forced to endure the entire ride until our stop. I was scooping INCHES of water out of the little girls seat next to me. She was maybe 6 and crying because she didn’t want to be wet. It was ALOT of water! When we got off the bus and got to the resort I realized my bag is full of water and my husbands cellphone and my entire frame was destroyed and all my signatures were LOST! 😭😭😭 (Sidenote: I prepared for rain and double bagged our things and it still wasn’t enough to protect it!!!)
I reached out to Disney immediately with a bus number. They never responded during the rest of our stay. I finally received an email saying they are “checking with other resorts” on the situation. But idk what that means or how that would help. We most certainly weren’t the only ones soaked that evening so maybe checking on multiple reports? Idk… But it’s been nearly 2 weeks since that email and I haven’t heard anything else about it.
I’m just so sad I literally spent thousands for these signatures and keepsake and left Disney with nothing. (We did go to Walmart for another board and started over but we only had 1 1/2 days left. 😢) Not to mention my hubby’s phone (but we have insurance for that.)
Honestly I’m not sure what or if they can even do anything about it but I wanted to know if anyone else has ever experienced similar and what was done?
Also Is it normal for buses to be packed that tightly? I understand it was raining and a lot of people had the same idea to leave early but it seems like by taking the scooters in first the bus driver would’ve known how much space that takes up and would seat people accordingly? We were WAAAAAY TOO CRAMPED! I believe if it were less packed like sardines we would’ve been able to move away from the waterfall but because they forced so many on board we had no way of getting out of the way.
Again I’m not bashing Disney. We had a wonderful time! Thanks for reading!”
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A Traumatizing Experience!

This story has clearly shocked the hundreds of fans who commented and reacted to the post. Hopefully, this family will be able to get in contact with Disney and find a resolution to the issue. These kinds of issues are unfortunately out of Disney’s hands most of the time. Still, it must have been a very stressful and frustrating experience for all parties involved.

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