Disney Weather “Extremely Intense This Year,” Guests Advised to Visit During Cooler Months Instead

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One of the most convenient times for visiting Walt Disney World is during a summer month: May, June, July, or even August.

The kids are out of school, making a Disney World vacation easier than ever! Family vacations and memories that’ll last a lifetime can be made without even having to pull the kids out of school.

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Want the Best of Both Worlds? Visit During the Late Summer!

Of course…everybody has the same idea, so visiting during a summer month ensures that your Disney trip will be full to the brim with crowds. Crowds, combined with the summer heat, make for a very uncomfortable Disney World vacation.

Want to avoid the crowds but visit Walt Disney World while the weather is nice? One thing my family always did was take a Disney trip during the back-to-school season, at the end of August or the beginning of September. This ensured we got a summer vacation of sorts, while avoiding the huge crowds.

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Nowadays, There’s No Such Thing as a Successful Summer Disney Trip

However, with how quickly the temperature is rising nowadays, this may also be a bad time to visit at least, and downright dangerous at most.

One group recently visited Walt Disney World, visiting all four theme parks, and they reported in an online community, anonymously sharing their experience and advice. Something that came up more than once in their report was visiting during the summer and enduring the brutal Florida heat:

The Heat- OMG was it hot. We’ve gone for years in August and this year the heat has changed that for us, we will not be returning in “hot” months ever again. The heat was extremely intense this year and made going to the parks way less magical. We did everything we could to deal with the heat- water, breaks, shade, a ton of inside time, etc. Nothing beat it, it clobbered us this year.

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Be Sure to Take Advantage of the Enchanted Tiki Room’s AC…

Whether you’re used to the Florida heat or not, it can’t be denied that a Disney trip can be dangerous and result in conditions such as heat exhaustion if you’re not properly prepared for it.

From what it sounds like, however, a visit to the Walt Disney World Parks in this excessive heat can still be dangerous even when you are fully prepared.

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To Quote Mufasa’s Evil Brother Scar, “Be Prepared”

After all, the anonymous Guests reportedly did everything on Disney Dining’s official guide to beating the summer heat (from a Native Floridian, no less), and still found themselves struggling to enjoy themselves at Walt Disney World.

This is just to say, if you’re thinking of visiting the Disney World Parks anytime soon, exercise extreme caution. Otherwise, you could fall victim to Florida’s brutal sunshine.

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