First Responder Warns Young Tourists Visiting Walt Disney World May Be In Danger Without Even Realizing It

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When you think of Walt Disney World, the Most Magical Place on Earth, you probably think of it as an incredibly safe vacation destination. For the most part, that’s true!

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The atmosphere is incredibly family-friendly, the security is very thorough, and you can be sure that the attractions, even if they face technical difficulties, will not put any Guests in danger.

However, an anonymous first responder recently brought something to the community’s attention regarding the Disney Resort.

On Reddit, an anonymous firefighter published a post titled, “Make sure to hydrate!” It reads:

Make sure to hydrate!!!
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In short, a firefighter local to the Walt Disney World Resort area has spent much of the summer responding to calls made for tourists suffering from heat-related injuries in this hot weather.

The Florida weather may be delightful at times, but it can easily be underestimated, and this summer has been especially unforgiving.

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It’s essential to drink enough water when visiting a Florida theme park in the summer. Visiting a water ride, such as Animal Kingdom’s Kali River Rapids, is also a good idea.

Consider investing in a mini fan, a cooling towel, and a sturdy water bottle.

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If you’re visiting a Disney Park on a hot day, it’s also a good idea to check the temperature and what it will feel like due to the humidity. Central Florida is rainy this time of year, and unlike in the winter months, all of that rain only translates to more heat in the summer.

In short, stay informed and stay safe this summer!

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