News Outlets Say Walt Disney World Is Empty, But Guests Are Saying Otherwise

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If you keep up with news regarding Walt Disney World, then you’ve probably seen the recent claims of Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT being free from crowds. While fewer crowds would certainly make the most Magical Place on Earth even more magical, that doesn’t seem to be the case despite recent reports.

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While we can try and gauge crowds by checking wait times throughout the day, it’s nearly impossible to estimate the attendance of a Disney Park without being there yourself.

After all, there are morning lulls, afternoon lulls, and other factors to take into account when it comes to gauging summer attendance. The only ones who can tell us just how busy Walt Disney World is are the ones who are actually visiting.

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Luckily, there’s an entire social media thread dedicated to this very topic, and the general consensus has been reached: most Guests aren’t finding much of a difference between this summer’s crowds and the past summers they’ve visited.

Personally, I also visited Magic Kingdom this past weekend, on July 16, and I also found the Disney Park to be healthily crowded. While it wasn’t as packed as it had been in the past year or so, I didn’t notice any lack of attendance by any means.

The standby lines were as long as they usually are, and there was no lack of Guests, that’s for sure!

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It’s worth noting that Guests who had flocked to Magic Kingdom and other Disney Parks after the pandemic have skewed Walt Disney World attendance.

In fact, one of the authors at Disney Dining recently analyzed the data and found that the covid travel totally affected our perception of Walt Disney World attendance.

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To conclude, we probably think the Disney Parks are empty, when in reality, they’re simply emptier than they were this time a year or two ago.

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