Scammers Are Reportedly Preying On Guests At Disney Park Entrances

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It’s no secret that Walt Disney World is the Most Magical Place on Earth, and while that’s definitely true, we wouldn’t be surprised to hear it referred to as ‘the Most Expensive Place on Earth.’

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While Walt Disney World isn’t the most expensive place on Earth by far, it’s widely understood that anything with the Disney name attached to it becomes more expensive in an instant, especially at a Disney Resort.

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Not only is a trip to Walt Disney World Resort expensive, but it’s also incredibly complicated! So it’s no surprise to hear that scammers try to take advantage of the costly and confusing nature of a visit to a Disney Park in order to earn a free trip of their own.

One Guest recently visited Walt Disney World, and on their way to Early Entry, they were approached by someone trying to scam their way into the Disney Park:

Early Entrance Panhandling. Has this happened to anyone else?
by u/r1ngx in WaltDisneyWorld

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In the Reddit post above, the original poster describes the situation in which someone approached and asked if their group could enter alongside them.

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For context, Early Entry is only available for Guests staying at a Disney Resort hotel. Typically, only one MagicBand is scanned during Early Entry hours. This scam would have involved scanning the Guest’s MagicBand and tagging along, claiming to be a part of their party.

In short, the group may not have purchased tickets and are trying to visit the Disney Park anyways.

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So, if you’re visiting Walt Disney World soon, be sure to look out for this Disney scam!

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