Historical Animal Kingdom Fixture Reportedly Missing From the Disney Park

animal kingdom entrance
Credit: Disney

Animal Kingdom is about to celebrate a significant historic milestone: 25 years of operation! The newest Disney Park first opened on Earth Day in 1998, and after 25 years, it’s still going strong!

Credit: Disney

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While Animal Kingdom may not be the most popular theme park at Walt Disney World Resort, it’s full of hidden gems, from rarer animals to lesser-known spots in the theme park to the first thing Guests see when they enter.

We’re not talking about the iconic Tree of Life at the center of Animal Kingdom, but the Rainforest Cafe located directly behind the entrance of the theme park.

rainforest cafe

Credit: Disney

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Unlike the rest of the animals in the Disney Park, the Rainforest Cafe restaurant is full of animatronic animals and a simulated thunderstorm event. It’s also home to another historical tree fixture in Animal Kingdom: Tracy the Tree. Usually, that is…

One Guest recently visited Animal Kingdom and reported saddening news: Tracy the Tree is missing from Animal Kingdom’s Rainforest Cafe, with no hints of returning.


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While this is upsetting news, it’s certainly not surprising. Each Rainforest Cafe restaurant in the country needs some TLC and refurbishment. Still, it’s generally accepted that so much time, money, and effort will go into other animatronics than one in a kitschy, outdated, and campy restaurant, even if it’s still widely beloved.


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There is some good news, however! Animal Kingdom’s Rainforest Cafe isn’t the only location in Walt Disney World. There’s one in Disney Springs, meaning Guests don’t have to visit a Disney Park for the experience of dining at the campy restaurant.

Even better news, the Disney Springs location still houses Tracy the Tree in all her creepy, uncanny glory.

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