Is This the Best Disney Park For an ‘Encanto’ Land? Spoiler Alert, It’s Not EPCOT!

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Although Encanto (2021) is a relatively recent film from Walt Disney Animation Studios, it’s quickly become a fan favorite. The fame that followed Encanto can be compared to the ‘Frozen Fever’ that swept the nation after the release of Frozen (2013).

After all, a fresh story about generational trauma, catchy music by visionary Lin Manuel Miranda, and fun, diverse characters-what more could audiences want?

Well, as it turns out, audiences want even more Encanto, especially in Walt Disney World.

Encanto 2021 the madrigal family home inspired by Colombia


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Many Guests want nothing more than to see a Casa Madrigal in Walt Disney World. Many fans think EPCOT would be the perfect place for Walt Disney Imagineering to build a Casa Madrigal area and attraction.

However…one fan may have proposed the best Disney Park for an Encanto-themed land, and it’s not EPCOT.

encanto family

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In a social media thread discussing possible changes to Walt Disney World, one fan expressed that a South America section would make a good replacement for Animal Kingdom’s DinoLand U.S.A. as it could include an Encanto area.

While we love DinoLand U.S.A., we’re inclined to agree.

Animal Encounters: Winged Encounters – The Kingdom Takes Flight

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Animal Kingdom is a better place for an Encanto-themed area because there’s more space and more room for Walt Disney Imagineering to build a Casa Madrigal attraction.

Not to mention, a South America section in the Disney Park opens up an entirely new opportunity to host new animals.

animal kingdom entrance

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South America is home to hundreds of exotic animals that audiences would love to see and learn about, such as toucans, green anacondas, capybaras, jaguars, and more. The animal theme would also coincide with the Encanto theme due to Antonio’s gift!

In short, it’s entirely a win/win. However, only time will tell whether this idea will take flight in Animal Kingdom.

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