NEW Adventures By Disney Trip Lets You Live The Magic Of ‘Encanto’ In Real Life

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Adventures by Disney has added three new destinations for its 2024 excursions and Disney vacationers can’t wait to explore! The guided vacation experience currently offers dozens of domestic and international locations on all seven continents of the world. One of the new itineraries will explore the Atlantic Coast of Canada and Nova Scotia, and another will focus on the nature of New Zealand.

The third offering is what really has Disney fans excited! Adventures by Disney experiences often incorporate information about Disney films that were inspired by various cultures, and now Guests will be able to explore Colombia, the culture that inspired the magical land of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Encanto (2021).

Encanto 2021 the madrigal family home inspired by Colombia


Encanto filmmakers Byron Howard and Jared Bush said,

Colombia is a crossroads of Latin America, and what we learned about family, tradition, music, food and dance were central to the development of the film. 

Our hope was always that ‘Encanto’ could celebrate just some of the many different people and cultures we experienced in Colombia – we are thrilled and touched that so many people have felt seen by the Madrigals’ story and now have this opportunity to experience its magic for themselves.

In Colombia with Adventures by Disney, an Adventure Guide will help you make arepas, play tejo (a Colombian lawn game), and tour a Colombian coffee farm. Disney fans will see the wildlife that inspired Encanto character Antonio’s special gift of communicating with animals.

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Private tours will highlight a “variety of locally-grown fruits and admire the colonial architecture of the historic city center – La Candelaria.” Off the Rosario Islands, Guests can experience snorkeling with over 1,300 species of marine animals.

Check out this video featuring Adassa, the voice actress of Dolores in Encanto, that Disney Parks shared for the announcement.

This is your chance to experience a magical adventure just like the Madrigal family on a one-of-a-kind Disney vacation.

Guests can take a similar Disney trip in other areas from North America, to South Africa, to Norway. The Norway trip focuses on Disney’s mega-hit Frozen (2013). San Francisco inspired the fictional town of San Fransokyo in Disney’s Big Hero 6 (2014).

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Guests who embark on the first season of Colombia trips will also receive an exclusive Encanto visual development artwork as a signed lithograph, but it can also be downloaded digitally on the Disney Parks Blog.

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