Intruder Causes Mass Chaos at Orlando International Airport

An intruder who was able to breach security checkpoints at Orlando International Airport caused widespread chaos and confusion until he was apprehended.

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Credit: Orlando International Airport

Airports aren’t at the top of the list of places that exude calm, stress-free vibes. They’re also not known for being conducive to peaceful exchanges, restful naps between flights, or problem-free treks through security. And if you’re a passenger who routinely has things go just as planned once you arrive at the airport, consider yourself blessed because that’s simply not the norm–a little bit like something that happened at Orlando International Airport earlier this week.

Not the norm at all. Thank goodness.

Mass chaos ensued after an intruder arrived at Orlando International Airport this week and was able to breach security checkpoints and terrorize travelers and staff inside the airport’s Terminal A. An online video chronicling the scenario has already amassed more than 7 million views since it was posted. Let’s just say you’ll have to see the video to understand the whole frightening ordeal.



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A black rat made his way into the Frontier Airlines gates area at MCO’s Terminal A last week, providing a comical experience for those who viewed a video of the situation online–but a much more uneasy experience for passengers and airport staff who instantly found themselves in the middle of quite a hairy ordeal. (Pun intended.)

In the video, captioned, “Only at Frontier Airlines MCO can you find this,” a rat can be seen scurrying across the floor as airport staff members do their best–between startled jumps as the rat races toward them–to stop the rodent in his tracks, contain him, and remove him from the area. Airport employees are seen using dustpans and broomsticks as makeshift rat-controllers.

rat at orlando international airport

Credit: TikTok

Passengers can be heard screaming and shouting in the background as they watch in fear as staff members attempt to catch the rat–each one no doubt praying that the rat didn’t run toward them. Two different times, a staff member appears to finally scoop up the rodent in a dustpan as the crowd of passengers cheers him on–only to be disappointed when the varmint escapes from the dustpan again.

Finally an airport staff member was able to gently pin the rat against a trash can with a broom, and a passenger comes to his aid with what looks like a jacket to help scoop up the rat.

rat at orlando international airport

Credit: TikTok

Viewers had some funny responses to seeing the video. User Ecirtapology commented, “This sounded like a sports game–the way they cheered and screamed was hilarious.” Another user commented, saying, “TV live audience vibe, lol,” and another likened the experience to watching the Olympics, commenting, “[I’m] telling my kids this is curling.”

The video doesn’t give any details about what happened to the unwanted rodent in Terminal A, but we’re hoping it’s safe to say that no hairy varmints were harmed in the recording of this video.

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