Florida’s Hurricane Season Has Been Uneventful, But Officials Are Urging Visitors to Prepare For the Worst…

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One of the best things about Walt Disney World is its location in Central Florida.

The weather is nice and, more importantly, operational all year-round. Unlike the average theme park in northern areas of the country, Walt Disney World Resort can stay open and operate normally for the entire year. The summers may be stifling, but the winters are mild, with little to no snow.

The only real downside to a Central Florida location is hurricane season.

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2022’s hurricane season was exceptionally destructive, with nearly ten hurricanes such as Hurricane Ian (a category 5), Hurricane Fiona (a category 4), Hurricane Earl (a category 2), and more.

Last year’s hurricane season also saw a handful of tropical storms and tropical depressions.

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But this year’s hurricane season has seen…surprisingly little. With one hurricane that didn’t even make landfall and one tropical storm that reached Florida, 2023’s hurricane season is shaping up to be relatively quiet. Which sounds like a good thing! But the truth is that it’s actually a bit of a dangerous sign.

When hurricane seasons are quiet, Guests and locals visiting for a Disney vacation begin to underestimate the forces of nature.

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When it comes to surviving a hurricane or a tropical storm, staying prepared is of utmost importance. That means having the correct supplies on hand and being fully prepared for an evacuation at any time.

But it becomes easy to ignore when there hasn’t been so much as a tropical storm! That being said, we’re about to enter the most active time period for the typical hurricane season, according to NBC News.

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Everything from normal day-to-day life to a Walt Disney World vacation could be disrupted with very little warning.

So, in short: Guests visiting a Disney Park and locals alike should be alert as we enter the upcoming month. Stay ready for a hurricane warning, even if you’re not expecting it, and most importantly: stay safe!

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