Ahead of Hurricane Season, a Tropical Storm May Be Headed for Walt Disney World

If you’ve visited Walt Disney World Resort, especially more than once, then you know that Florida has two settings: sunshine and rain.

Rain Puddle at Walt Disney World

Credit: World of Disney

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In fact, rain and thunderstorms are so common in the Sunshine State that Floridians can even smell when a storm is coming (source: the author is a native Floridian, and she can tell you whether the clouds are worth worrying about with just a sniff).

But the National Hurricane Center is currently sniffing out something bigger than your average Central Florida storm. According to the National Hurricane Center, a tropical storm could be forming.

Potential tropical storm forming. Credit: National Hurricane Center

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Although a tropical storm may sound like a fancy way of saying ‘thunderstorm,’ it’s worth noting that the two are incredibly different. Tropical storms form when the winds reach 39 miles per hour or higher, making them much more dangerous and challenging to navigate than a thunderstorm (which is already difficult to navigate through).

Hollywood Studios Rain Ponchos

Credit: Disney Dining

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This year’s hurricane season begins on June 1, and yet a potential storm has already been spotted on the horizon.

According to a report by the Orlando Sentinel, the National Hurricane Center has begun tracking something “in the Atlantic east of Florida with a small chance of forming into a tropical depression.”

Rainy Day


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Reportedly, the system that has been spotted has a 10% chance of turning into a tropical storm within the next couple of days. However, it’s no secret that a tropical storm can quickly develop into a hurricane, heading straight for Central Florida.

If this storm develops further, it could easily disrupt many Guests’ plans for visiting Walt Disney World Resort.

Stay tuned to Disney Dining for more updates on this storm and whether it will affect your Disney vacation.

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