Some Guests Are Uncomfortable With Religious Messaging at Disney World

Cinderella Castle
Credit: Disney

If you’ve been keeping up with recent Disney news, you’ve probably heard about how some lawmakers are trying to do away with the ‘no-fly’ zones above Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort.

Not only do these no-fly zones protect Walt Disney World Resort’s illusion of being a world outside of the real world, but they were put in place for the sake of safety and security as well. Another bonus is that the no-fly zone stops advertisers from flying overhead with banners, distracting Guests.

WDW castle

Credit: Disney

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However, one person has reportedly been skirting the limits of the no-fly zone for decades. Except, it’s an entirely different kind of advertising being done. Instead of advertising a service, they’ve been promoting a religious message, and some Guests aren’t staying silent about how they feel about the practice.

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The tweet depicts a message in the sky that reads, “U + God = :)” in the air. While many Guests are unbothered by looking up and seeing this while visiting the Disney Park, others have taken issue with it.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant

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Reportedly, some Guests feel as if the message is being forced onto them when they’re just trying to visit Magic Kingdom Park. Not only that, but it’s important to note that Walt Disney World Resort is visited by thousands of people a year, many of which are visiting from other countries where Christianity may not be a major religion.

In short, not everyone finds comfort in religious messaging, especially when it comes to Guests visiting Walt Disney World.

cinderella castle

Credit: Disney

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Some Guests have expressed the want for Disney to ‘do something about it,’ but there’s very little the Walt Disney Company can do. After all, whoever is writing these messages is exercising their right to free speech, and if they’re technically respecting the no-fly zone, Disney can’t do much about it.

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