Disney Reportedly Barricading Guests From Magic Kingdom’s Cinderella Castle

When it comes to visiting a legacy Disney Park, there’s something each one has in common: the iconic Disney castle.

Disneyland Castle

Credit: Disney

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Disneyland Park and Magic Kingdom are the most popular examples of a legacy Disney Park, but the concept remains similar. A Disney Park housing the most quintessential and classic attractions, topped with a beautiful, iconic Disney castle.

In Disneyland Park, the original, lies Sleeping Beauty Castle. With its bright pink accents, this castle is very whimsical and incredibly Disney.

On the other side of the country lies Magic Kingdom Park, home to Cinderella Castle.

cinderella castle

Credit: Disney

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Although Magic Kingdom isn’t the original Disney Park, it’s definitely home to the most impressive Disney castle. Cinderella Castle is big, bold, and beautiful. It’s no wonder that the castle has become a symbol, not just for Magic Kingdom, but for the entirety of Walt Disney World.

So why on Earth is it blocked off from Guests?

Child with parents and balloon in front of Castle

Credit: Disney

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According to a report by Inside the Magic, some of the back of Cinderella Castle has been blocked off by barricades, and cranes have taken root nearby as Walt Disney Imagineering works on updates.

Seeing as the 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World celebration recently ended, Walt Disney Imagineering has been busy taking down the special facades that were hung up on Cinderella Castle in 2021.


Credit: Disney

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Although it’s important work that has to get done, it’s an unfortunate side effect to block the view and give Guests even less chance to get up close and personal with the Disney castle.

But soon enough, each barricade and crane will be removed from Magic Kingdom. We’ll just have to be patient until then!

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