Guest Compares Rope Dropping at Magic Kingdom to the Apocalypse

If you’re a fan of visiting Walt Disney World, you’ve probably heard of ‘rope dropping.’ If not, rope dropping is when you arrive at a Disney Park before it officially opens, or before the rope drops.

The earlier you are at your early entry, the easiest shot you have at riding your pick of attractions before the crowds get to them. However, as rope dropping gets more popular, it also gets more competitive.

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Nowadays, rope dropping at a Disney Park is more difficult than ever. Even if you arrive before the theme park opening in question, there’s a good chance other Guests have already arrived even earlier. As a result, a modern-day rope drop is a little intense.

But nothing is more intense than a Magic Kingdom rope drop.


Credit: Disney

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It’s no secret that Magic Kingdom is Walt Disney World’s most popular theme park, with the most attractions and the biggest crowds. As a result, rope dropping Magic Kingdom is like its own Olympic sport.

For one Guest and their family, who recently visited the Disney Park, it was more like the apocalypse:

We rope dropped yesterday to MK. Were towards the front with a stroller and our two little ones. The moment they gave the all clear to rush to 7DMT, it was a mad house like nothing we’ve seen before. People were pushing, shoving, using elbows, knocking strollers, etc. Someone stepped on the back of my kids shoe and it came off causing him to fall down and he was literally nearly trampled from people pushing behind. We always rope drop and have never once experienced it this bad. Now with that said, the rest of the day was great. But the rope drop was a nightmare.

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In the full social media post, they even compare a Magic Kingdom rope drop to the Mad Max franchise (a film series depicting a dystopian, post-apocalyptic setting in which it’s every man for himself).

Although visiting Magic Kingdom is more intense than visiting EPCOT or Animal Kingdom due to the nature of the Disney Park, it’s crucial to remember that each Guest is just as deserving of space in the theme park. As in, we need to stop pushing and shoving each other-especially in a theme park full of little children!

Dumbo the Flying Elephant

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Sometimes, we need to be the magic we want to see, especially in a place as hectic as Walt Disney World.

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