Guest Tries to Make Magical Moment Happen When Cast Member Refuses

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Walt Disney World Resort is known as the Most Magical Place on Earth, and nobody can deny that. The Disney magic that comes with a Disney vacation is unlike anything else in the world. Truly, it’s a wholly unique experience.

But one of the best things about a Disney vacation, something that genuinely brings the Disney magic to life, is the Disney magical moment.

cinderella castle

Credit: Disney

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A magical moment is a random act of kindness that is meant to brighten a Guest’s day. They used to be more frequent, but nowadays they’ve become a little rarer.

It’s hard to define a magical moment, but you definitely know it when you see it. One popular example is a Cast Member giving a family a voucher for a free ice cream after noticing that someone dropped theirs on the ground.

Ice Cream Sandwich

Brandon Glover

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But it should be noted that a Disney magical moment doesn’t always have to be something used to make something right. Sometimes, they’re totally random and purely for the purpose of brightening someone’s day.

One Guest was recently visiting Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Hollywood Studios when they noticed the opportunity for a magical moment:

Missed Magic Opportunity
byu/RoguishRonin inWaltDisneyWorld

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Although many fellow fans of Walt Disney World were disappointed to hear of the Cast Member’s unsympathetic and uninterested behavior, many agreed that this anonymous Guest still made this moment as magical as possible.

Galaxy's Edge

Credit: Disney

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Have you ever tried to create a magical moment for any fellow Guests while visiting Walt Disney World?

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