Guest Breaks Out of Classic Disney Ride, Endangering Himself and His Family

disneyland resort space mountain
Credit: Disney

Whether discussing Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom or Disneyland Resort, there’s a litany of classic, quintessential attractions that just remind people of Disney.

big thunder mountain railroad

Credit: Disney

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The list includes the Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, “it’s a small world,” Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and of course, Space Mountain.

But when it comes down to it, it can’t be denied that each classic attraction needs a little TLC. After all, many of these rides are decades old, which is more than enough time for an attraction to accrue some wear and tear, which can result in closures and technical difficulties.

Disneyland Paris Hyperspace Mountain

Credit: Disney

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It can be stressful when an attraction stops due to technical difficulties, especially when it’s a coaster such as Big Thunder Mountain Railroad or Space Mountain.

However, when Space Mountain experiences technical difficulties and comes to an unexpected stop, Guests should never do what this Guest did:


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In this video, we can see that one Guest takes matters into his own hands and pushes the ride vehicle’s seat bar up. He then pulls the seat bar up for the other two members of his party, and the three of them walk off, presumably to exit the ride.

It should be noted that once an attraction comes to a stop, Guests should never exit the ride vehicle until instructed to do so by a Disney Cast Member.


Credit: Disney

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You never know when a ride vehicle is going to resume moving again, and you could get seriously hurt while exiting.

While we can admit that rules are no fun, they’re put in place in order to keep Guests safe.

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