“Lose Its Magic?” Intense Disney World Debate Unfolds

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Becoming a Disney World Passholder is an honored status among fans of the magical realm created by Disney. It’s not just a ticket to the parks; it’s a pass that unlocks a world of enchantment and joy, allowing pass holders to experience the magic of Walt Disney World Resort again and again throughout the year.

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For those fortunate enough to hold a Disney World pass, the benefits are plentiful. From unlimited access to the parks to discounts on merchandise, dining, and special events, being a Passholder elevates the Disney experience to a whole new level.

Passholders often find themselves drawn to the parks more frequently, whether it’s for a leisurely stroll through Magic Kingdom, a thrilling adventure in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, or an experience in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

However, being a Disney World Passholder also comes with its own set of challenges, particularly for guests who may not hold such a coveted status. Crowds can raise during peak times as Passholders take advantage of their unrestricted access, leading to wait times and more crowded walkways longer.

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In a Reddit Thread, one guest asks about whether Disney loses its magic for Annual Passholders. The comments were simple: Walt Disney World Resort does not lose its magic no matter how many times guests head there. Disney World Passholders comment on how being a Passholder allows guests to relax and not rush through the parks.

“AP who lives an hour from WDW. The biggest change once I got an AP was realizing how little pressure there was upon visiting the parks. I was used to buying tickets, rope dropping and being at the parks all day long, riding as many rides as I could and trying to get the most bang for the buck. I would usually get Genie+ and spend my day bouncing from ride to ride with breaks to grab food.

Now that I have an AP, I feel absolutely no pressure to maximize my day. I can go to a park and ride zero rides, just enjoy walking around and trying a different snack or meal I haven’t before, or just hang out with a drink at Epcot. If the weather isn’t good, I can skip going. If it’s too crowded, I can come back another time.”

However, even though there are some inconveniences, many guests look up to Passholders with respect and jealousy. Passholders share a strong bond because they all love Disney, no matter how old they are or where they come from. People who don’t have passes might feel inspired to get one after seeing how much fun pass holders have at the parks.

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The best part about being a Disney World Passholder is how it changes how you see the parks. Passholders can visit whenever they want, so they take their time and enjoy everything Disney has to offer. They explore every corner of the parks, finding hidden spots that most people miss.

Are you a Disney Annual Passholder, if so which pass do you have?

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