UPDATE: Disney World Returns Axed Perk For Its Most Loyal Fans

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Disney World Annual Passholders enjoy an array of perks that add magic to guests’ Disney World experience. These perks make being a Passholder a coveted status among Disney enthusiasts.

First and foremost, Annual Passholders have the freedom to visit Walt Disney World Resort throughout the year, allowing them to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of Disney whenever they please. This flexibility is a major draw for those who want to experience the parks multiple times without worrying about purchasing individual tickets.

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However, recently Disney World removed a perk for Annual Passholders. Disney World had introduced Good to Go Days exclusively for Annual Passholders. These days allowed them to enter the parks without requiring reservations, offering unexpected opportunities announced mere days or weeks prior.

Without the Good to Go Days, which had disappeared, Annual Passholders must adhere to the general reservation system, making bookings before 2:00 p.m. for all parks or exclusively for Magic Kingdom on weekends. The absence of Good to Go days signifies a shift in park entry flexibility for Annual Passholders. The good news is that after they were gone for almost a week, they have now been reintroduced.

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We’re not sure why these days were temporarily paused, but it’s good to see them back on the calendar, at least for the time being.

Passholders also receive perks such as complimentary parking at the theme parks, which can be a significant benefit, especially for those who visit frequently. This convenience eliminates the hassle and expense of finding parking each time they visit, making their trips to Disney World even more seamless.

Another fun perk that Disney World Passholders receive from time to time is free magnets. The latest magnet was inspired by Moana (2016), and fans fell in love with the Hei-Hei magnet.

dumbo, orange bird, mickey and minnie 50th anniversary ap magnets

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Guests that are wishing to become a Disney Passholder have several options to choose from, which you can see below.

  • Disney Pixie Dust Pass $439 + tax for Florida Residents. Most weekdays, subject to blockout dates including peak and holiday periods
  • Disney Pirate Pass $799 + tax for Florida Residents. Most days, subject to blockout dates including peak and holiday periods
  • Disney Sorcerer Pass $999 + tax available for Florida Residents and eligible Disney Vacation Club Members. Most days, subject to blockout dates on select days during select holiday periods
  • Disney Incredi-Pass $1,449 + tax this is for all guests. Which includes no blockout dates.

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