Are Disney Annual Passes a SCAM?! This Fan Says YES

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A recent debate over Disney Annual Passes has caused a lot of tension within the Disney community.

Last month, the Walt Disney Company finally began selling their Annual Passes again. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, acquiring an Annual Pass has been difficult. Fans have been begging Disney to unpause the sales, and finally, that dream came true. Guests were once again able to purchase annual passes at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort.

The new sales made tons of new fans first-time Passholders. While this is a positive thing for many, some of the new Magic Key holders are having trouble adjusting to the realities of being a Passholder.

A debate has broken out online after one fan called his Annual Pass “an absolute scam.”

Is Disney Scamming Their Annual Passholders?

A new Disneyland Passholder is furious and feels scammed by the Walt Disney Company.

Disneyland Resort currently offers four different kinds of Magic Key annual passes. The passes are priced based on the discounts they offer and the number of black-out dates and reservations they allow. The keys are the Inspire Key, which has nearly no black-out dates ($1,599); the Belive Key, which has around 50 block-out dates ($1,099); the Enchant Key, which has substantial blackouts ($699); and the Imagine Key, which is only available to Southern California residents ($499).

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A debate has broken out online after a Passholder called his Magic Key Pass a scam. He owns an Inspire Key, which is the most expensive option. The reason he is calling the Disney Park pass a scam is that he believes that for the price, there should not be any blocked-out dates. He was trying to make a Park reservation when he realized that nearly all weekends in May are already booked out.

Some fans blasted this person in the comments, saying that he should have prepared more. Disney Annual Passes can be extremely cost-effective if planned in advance.

What are your thoughts on this issue?

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