Warning Issued! Disney World Guests Told to Stay away From Parks

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Spring at Walt Disney World Resort is a magical time, but there are certain weeks when guests might want to plan their visit carefully to avoid crowds and long wait times. While the parks are always enchanting, understanding the ebb and flow of attendance can enhance the overall experience.

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One time guests may want to consider skipping is Spring Break, typically spanning from late March to early April. Families and college students alike flock to Walt Disney World Resort during this time, resulting in larger crowds and extended queue times for attractions.

Additionally, holidays such as Easter can bring an influx of Disney park guests, especially during the days surrounding the holiday itself.

Another time Disney World guests may want to rethink is starting in April and lasting until early May. ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex is hosting cheerleading competitions. Starting April 24 to 26, the ICU Cheerleading World Championship takes center stage, drawing cheer teams from across the globe to showcase their skills.

With categories spanning Girl Cheer, Coed Cheer, Stunt, Jazz, High Kick, and much more, there’s a whirlwind of spirited performances, especially at the youth and junior levels. While guests may hope this is a one-weekend event, another cheer competition falls shortly behind this one.

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April 26 to 29th is the US All-Star Federation Cheerleading and Dance Worlds, jointly organized by USASF & IASF. Teams that have proven their prowess in the National Cheer and Dance competitions. Then, from May 3 to 5th, the spotlight shifts to The Summit-Varsity All-Stars Cheerleading and Dance Championship.

The Summit is already a popular competition that brings in nearly 1,000 teams annually. Guests doing the math may think that the average of 20 cheer athletes per team, alongside coaches and families, the event draws around 88,000 visitors, all flocking not only for the competition but also to experience the magic of Disney World.

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While these events add to the excitement of Disney World, they can also contribute to increased crowds and congestion in the parks. When cheerleading championships take over Disney World, the parks light up with an incredible energy that’s absolutely contagious.

Athletes, coaches, families, and fans all gather for a weekend packed with lively competition, and you can feel the buzz spread throughout the Disney World parks. It’s like the whole place comes alive with an extra dose of excitement and joy, turning them into bustling centers of fun and festivity.

Is your Disney vacation during these cheer competitions? If so do you regret planning for that weekend? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

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