Should You Boycott Disney’s ‘Snow White’ Remake?

Disney's original animated film 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' and live action remake actress Rachel Zegler
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The Walt Disney Company’s decision to reboot Walt’s acclaimed 1937 Disney Princess film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, into another live-action modern-day adaptation has even typically liberal fans threatening to boycott the film. So, are conservatives right? Has Disney really gone too “woke” this time? Should YOU decide to boycott ‘Snow White?’

Here are some things to consider when deciding to see the movie or not.

Rachel Zegler’s Comments about Feminist Aspects of Snow White

First of all, who even is Rachel Zegler?

Rachel Zegler is a 22-year-old actress and singer known for her breakout role as Maria in Steven Speilberg’s 2021 West Side Story film. The actress’ casting came immediately under fire, as she is of Colombian and Polish heritage and therefore does not have skin “as white as snow” like Walt Dinsey’s leading lady. This falls under the umbrella of what conservatives are deeming ‘woke.’ While Disney’s choice does feel a bit tokenistic, in my opinion, this is something most audiences could get past.

Disney's live action Snow White actress Rachel Zegler

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So, why are many Disney fans mad at Rachel Zegler? Simple, Zegler’s ultimately anti-feminist feminist comments about Snow White, her attitude toward the beloved character, and her very un-Disney-Princess-like energy. Zegler has flat-out said that the 1937 original animated film is outdated, criticized Snow White for dreaming about true love, called the prince a “stalker,” and thoughtlessly claimed that Andrew Burnap’s role as Jonathan (The Prince) could be cut out entirely….but Gal Gadot is supposed to be the Evil Queen.

Zegler completely misses and alienates what fans love about the 1937 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs film. Snow White is not only an iconic Disney Princess – she’s the original! The one who paved the path for the entire Disney Princess brand and the countless audience connections that followed. Fans are standing up for true love by announcing that dreaming of romance is anyone’s prerogative and just as valid as dreaming about “leadership,” as Zegler put it.

rachel zegler ilve action remake snow white walt disney backlash original disney princess gal gadot

Credit: Disney

Disney fans love Snow White’s soft heart, idealism, resilience, and caring nature. She is gentle, endlessly friendly, and trusting. Not to mention, she made running away from a murderous Queen, happily making a home in the woods, and gaining seven endlessly loyal friends look like it was as easy as gooseberry pie.

Should the Seven Dwarfs Still be a Part of Snow White’s Story?

From the sheer volume of Disney live action remakes, many fans groaned at the film’s announcement. However, the new Snow White did not face nearly the criticism of Halle Bailey’s casting as Ariel in The Little Mermaid (2023). That is until seemingly inclusive casting choices upset the dwarfism community. While famous Game of Thrones actor with dwarfism, Peter Dinklage called the original film a “backward story about seven dwarfs living in a cave together,” others felt represented.

News leaked that Disney actually does plan to right the “backward story” presented in the original with diverse and varied casting choices for Snow White’s seven companions. In a shared photo, the seven, now called “magical creatures,” include one female, varied ethnicities, and only one actor with apparent dwarfism. While gender and ethnicity don’t matter, the dwarfism community feels something has been taken from them.

snow white live action remake rachel zegler seven dwarfs disney disney princess

Credit: Splashnews.com and Daily Mail

With Disney’s renaming of the original title to simply Snow White, Disney fans may have guessed the dwarfs may get some kind of revamp. Disney claims it wants to “avoid reinforcing stereotypes.”

However, Dylan Postl, known in the WWE for playing Hornswoggle the Leprechaun and acting with The Muppets, also has dwarfism and opposed Dinklage. On ITV’s This Morning, Postl said it takes “dream roles away that were made and set in stone for seven dwarf actors–actors that dream of being in a Disney film.” He goes on to say, “I think it’s a shame.”

But What About Greta Gerwig?

Who’s Greta Gerwig? She’s only one of the most admired female directors of all time, plus an actress and a screenwriter. She’s directed and was a screenwriter on female-led films like Lady Bird (2017), Little Women (2019), and the massively popular box office smash hit of the summer, BarbieBarbie’s success has made Gerwig the first solo female director to cross $1 billion at the box office. She’s been nominated for three Oscars so far.

Greta Gerwig is one of the screenwriters on the Snow White remake.

Director Greta Gerwig at 'Barbie' red carpet is one 'Snow White' Screenwriter

Credit: UKinUSA/ Flickr

Fans love Gerwig’s fresh and authentic take on female stories that give women a voice without being too preachy. Her eye and ability to craft powerful stories that resonate with audiences is unquestionable. Is her track record and involvement with the film enough to warrant showing up at the theater? Unfortunately, fans can’t boycott Rach Zegler and Disney and support Greta Gerwig at the same time. However, if there’s anyone who can somehow save Snow White despite all the bad press, I’d place my bed on Gerwig.

You can lean into the backlash of a Latina actress playing Snow White, her comments alienating the iconic Disney Princess story, and consider the perspective of the dwarfism community…or you can hope for the best, put your faith in Disney magic, and pray that Greta Gerwig works some magic of her own.

I love Snow White but can’t bear another mediocre take on a Disney classic. I still can’t decide if I’ll be at the theater for this remake.

Are you planning to boycott Snow White? Let us know why or why not in the comment section!

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  1. Changing the 7 dwarfs is the wrong decision. It’s not about woke but expectation. If Disney claims to release a live action remake of a Disney CLASSIC animated film then, the expectation is it will be an exact remake of the classic.

  2. Remakes are as a whole not good. This one is especially true is this one and I don’t have to see it to know that. The actress has made it clear she doesn’t like the story line and should not have been allowed to have the part if she was that much against it and without the “ 7 dwarfs “
    it is no longer “Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs “

  3. I have no interest in seeing the remake. As long as Disney continues to ignore what the viewers want, I will not partake in forking over my money.

  4. It’s definitely not Snow White and shouldn’t be called a remake or have the name Snow White. I really think Disney shouldn’t release this movie, just write off the loss n move on. If released, will most likely tank and be a real loss to them. When the RZ keeps spouting horrible things about movie and dissing the classic Disney Snow White, she should not be honored with it being screened. EPIC FAIL!!!

  5. I would rather have my arm cut off than ever see Rachel Zegler in a movie. She is anti goodness and purity. She is pro selfishness and cynicism. The movie is one big woke mess – anti family and God values. I have boycotted Disney until they fire all their brain washed, liberal freaks working for Disney now.

  6. I couldn’t care less about ethnicity. Rachel Zegler and Greta Gerwig are both insufferable. You couldn’t pay me to watch this movie, let alone take my family to it.

  7. I’m not going to watch it because I just don’t think it will be a good show. It certainly won’t be Snow White – they’re just exploiting the name to get people to watch a show they know people won’t watch if they called it something else. When they have so little faith in their own creativity and story, and need to rely on such gimmicks, it’s sure sign it will be garbage.

  8. First off, the remakes are getting boring. Second Rachel Zegler needs to get off her high horse and grow up. Give respect to the creator of the most amazing movie producer of all time. How could you be so hypocritical? I shall remember her name and refuse to see a movie she is in. Furthermore, any excuse producers want to give for not casting “little” people (or whatever pronoun is appropriate) as the dwarfs is a literal slap in the face. Casting adult males as the dwarfs makes this a cheap, creepy, “C” rated movie. Disney needs to step back and recognize who their customer is.