Racial Slurs and Inappropriate Suggestions Found on Mistakenly Verified Disney Twitter Account

Disney Jr racial slurs

Twitter just can’t seem to get its check marks right. In the last, official businesses could be verified and given a blue check mark to annotate that the account was official and not a parody account. However, many said that the system for verification was unfair. Enter Elon Musk

Shortly after Musk bought the platform he did away with the old system and opened the ue check mark to anyone willing to pay for it. He claimed the change was to prevent ideological differences from creating a bias that impacted verification. The problem with this plan is that when anyone can be verified, no one is. Issues with this plan came up quickly when a parody account for a drug company with a check mark tweeted that insulin would be free. The company lost billions ( yes, billions) in a run on its stock. 

To combat this, Musk developed the gold check mark. It costs more, (unless you advertise heavily on the platform), but is available only to official business accounts. Except, he’s still working the kinks out it seems. 

 Disney Jr racial slur

Credit: Variety Magazine

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A fake Disney Jr account was recently awarded a good check mark by mistake. The account @DisneyJuniorUK boasted a gold verification badge on the social media site, accompanied by a message reading “This account is verified because it’s an official business on Twitter.”

That would simply be embarrassing except that the account in question is known to use racial slurs and foul language (as seen above). Most recently they used a slur beginning with N to describe Elon Musk.

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The account also Tweeted that Mickey Mouse wants to “touch your kids.” That’s …not a good look. If you have spent any time on Twitter (or the internet at all, really), you’ll know that many users can’t tell satire from fact which led to many shocked and angered Disney Jr viewers. 

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The account’s gold status was removed within hours. A spokesperson for Disney told Variety magazine that it had alerted Twitter of the mistake immediately. As of the time of this writing, the account was suspended. 


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