Michael Eisner Reveals Honest Thoughts on The Walt Disney Company

Eisner with Mickey
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The former Disney CEO Bob Chapek is out, and Bob Iger has returned to take charge of The Walt Disney Company as the new/returning CEO of the business. Iger’s Chief Executive Officer predecessor, Michael Eisner, has taken to social media to reveal his honest thoughts on The Walt Disney Company.

With Disney CEO Bob Iger back, there is a strong sense of optimism returning to Disney fans and Cast Members that had slowly been diminishing during Chapek’s time in office.

Eisner and Iger
Michael Eisner and Bob Iger (Images Credit: Disney)

While Iger has already diagnosed Disney’s issue as the company was losing its “soul” under Chapek, now the well-liked former Disney CEO, Michael Eisner, is speaking up.

@Michael_Eisner took to social media to share, “The Walt Disney Company has suffered in recent years. This is a good time for us to remember the words of Walt Disney who said, “Everybody falls down. Getting back up is how you learn to walk.”

The tweet comes a few days after Eisner tweeted a welcomed return for Bob Iger. The first tweet caused a slew of Disney fans begging for Eisner to join Iger… to become the Walt and Roy Disney duo that the company so desperately needs right now.

Why is it important to listen to what Eisner has to say? Michael Eisner was with The Walt Disney Company as CEO from September 1984 to September 2005. The duration of Eisner’s career still upholds his strong reputation among Disney fans and stockholders.

Eisner and Iger with Mickey
Credit: Disney

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Much of what Bob Chapek dissolved was actually what Michael Eisner fought to establish for the company, particularly in the Disney Guest experience platform.

Eisner is credited with the complimentary FastPass+ system (now the upcharge Disney Genie+ service), Disney’s Magical Express complimentary airport transportation (now completely gone), and much more.

Eisner was also credited for his hand in additions to the Disney Parks platform, including MGM Studios (now Disney’s Hollywood Studios) at Walt Disney World Resort, Disney’s California Adventure Park at Disneyland Resort, Typhoon Lagoon Water Park at Disney World, and more.

Michael Eisner with Mickey Mouse
Credit: Disney

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Unlike Bob Chapek’s run as Disney CEO, both Michael Eisner and Bob Iger have continued to be well-liked and well-respected for their contributions to The Walt Disney Company.

With Eisner tweeting his support for the Disney company as it gets back on its feet, the tweet is once again sending Disney fans hoping and dreaming that Eisner will return to join the company.

Eisner and Iger with at Disneyland
Credit: D23

While neither Bob Iger nor Michael Eisner have said anything further about the possible CEO duo working for the company jointly again, we understand why Disney fans think they would make a great team.

As always, we will be sure to keep Disney Dining readers updated as we learn more about Iger’s steps to help The Walt Disney Company bring back the magic.

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