Johnny Depp’s Latest Controversy Has Fans Outraged and Demanding Reparations

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In recent news, ‘Johnny Depp and the word ‘controversy’ have been in the same sentence more often than not, especially after the infamous defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard, in which Depp faced allegations of sexual, emotional, and domestic abuse and violence.

Make No Mistake, Depp’s Reputation May Never Be the Same Again…

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Although the defamation trial has since ended with Johnny Depp as the clear winner, his reputation has undoubtedly been tarnished. As a result, all of his actions have been analyzed with more scrutiny than ever.

Despite winning the defamation case, Depp’s reputation has never been the same and may never be the same again. Unfortunately for the renowned actor, the latest Johnny Depp controversy hasn’t helped the situation either…

Yet Another Johnny Depp Controversy Unfolds

Amber Heard in Aquaman, Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Carribbean

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Although the actor who brought Pirates of the Caribbean’s Jack Sparrow to life took a brief break from appearing on the big screen due to the defamation case, the actor has been incredibly active, performing with his band, the Hollywood Vampires.

But earlier this year, the Hollywood Vampires, which has been touring around the world, canceled a performance in Budapest in July. Reportedly, the performance was canceled due to Johnny Depp experiencing a health scare, with some reports stating that the performer even “passed out” before the performance.

Johnny depp health crisis jack Sparrow

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Afterward, many of the rumors surrounding the performance’s cancellation claimed that Johnny Depp’s health scare was related to his alcohol consumption, but there’s yet to be any confirmation regarding this.

But here’s where the real controversy begins: when Hollywood Vampires failed to perform in Budapest, fans were assured they’d receive refunds after 60 days.

However, that deadline has come and gone, and many Hungarian fans (if not all) who were planning on attending the concert have been left without a single cent of reparations.

The Latest Johnny Depp Controversy Continues…

johnny depp during defamation trial

Credit: ABC

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Some fans have pointed out that despite Johnny Depp being spotted shooting scenes for an upcoming film in Hungary, they still have yet to receive their refunds.

Some fans claim that while Eventim (the entertainment company) has stated refunds have been sent, they’ve yet to receive any such refund.

Hungarian news outlets have also reached out to Eventim but with no luck.

johnny depp star on hollywood walk of fame Hollywood vampires

Credit: Loren Javier, Flickr

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While it’s not entirely Johnny Depp’s responsibility to ensure his fans receive their refunds, the actor has yet to make any statements regarding this controversy, and even his most loyal fans are beginning to turn as a result.

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  1. He is johnny scam. Refund .wife beater

    • Oh you have proof because his so called wife couldn’t prove anything in court but that she lied! You shouldn’t spread lies. Johnny Depp probably doesn’t know crap about the ticket refunds. He’s nit going to swindle people. He gives away money to children’s hospitals and others. So, why would you even think he knew anything about thus? Let them make their POTC 6, it will go down just like Fantastic Beast 3. Without Johnny to pull them out Dusney will go down too. He’s the only one who can possibly pull them out. The PEOPLE love Johnny Depp. He’s the only Captain Jack Sparrow!!!!

    • Get a grip. If vampires didn’t play they didn’t get paid. The promoter who had control of ticket sales got the money (minus any deposit at time of booking which they would be owed by the band) and they have responsibility for refunding ticket holders.
      If Depp caused the cancellation because he passed out drunk unfortunately all he would be responsible for is being an irresponsible jerk.

    • I believe he has been hustled and taken for granted then he got away from the situation and he has came up from the ashes and overcame the abuse he has succumb to. Not to mention he has no freedom so get you a tissue if you gotta issue he is good on all that