Johnny Depp in Crisis: Will Friends Stage Intervention?

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For the past few months, Johnny Depp’s public appearances with his band, the Hollywood Vampires, have been causing concern for all of the wrong reasons.

In May, the Hollywood Vampires (featuring Alice Cooper and Joe Perry) had to cancel and reschedule more than one show after Johnny Depp reportedly injured his ankle. While an ankle injury may not seem like much at first, we must keep in mind that the actor behind Pirates of the Caribbean’s Jack Sparrow is now 60 years old, meaning it could pose a different health problem than in a younger person.

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Not long after, in July, another Hollywood Vampires show was canceled right before the band was set to appear onstage. The reason why? Johnny Depp was feeling “unwell,” according to multiple reports.

However, some rumors claim that the star was more than unwell, saying he was unresponsive and required a doctor’s visit to his hotel room. Just one week later, yet another Hollywood Vampires performance was canceled right before they were set to play.

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With so many performance cancellations, coupled with recent reports of Depp relying on a cane to walk, fans are understandably worried. But that’s nothing compared to how worried Depp’s friends are.

An anonymous insider source recently spoke with Life & Style, claiming that “his boozing has gotten so bad that they want to stage an intervention.” Not only that, they say, “Johnny doesn’t know when to stop.”

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It’s no secret that Johnny Depp enjoys a rockstar’s lifestyle. And why shouldn’t he? With such an illustrious film career, the Pirates of the Caribbean star has undoubtedly earned it. But partying too hard and too often (while struggling with substance abuse, no less) always comes at a price. The anonymous source reports,

There are probably a lot of reasons he wants to check out, but some say the Amber drama still affects him. He’s famous for falling down, picking himself up, brushing himself off and moving on, but he can’t do that forever, and at some point something is going to give…Johnny is way too old to be acting like a young rock star. He’s just not bouncing back like he used to.

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Unfortunately, while the star may feel young and indestructible, his lifestyle may be too hardcore to sustain at age 60.

Stay tuned to Disney Dining for the latest news regarding the Pirates of the Caribbean actor.

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