New Insight on Infamous Amber Heard & Johnny Depp Trial Revealed In Upcoming Series

Amber Heard in Aquaman, Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Carribbean
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Johnny Depp has had an extensive career, working with names as big as Tim Burton and Jerry Bruckheimer, starring in franchises from Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean to Warner Brothers’ Fantastic Beasts series.

Whether playing the oddly-charming buccaneer Captain Jack Sparrow or the murderous barber Sweeney Todd, Depp has dazzled his loyal fans time and time again.

johnny depp captain jack sparrow payback disney pirates of the caribbean

Credit: Disney

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Despite the loyal fanbase, the reputation of both Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has been possibly forever tarnished due to the infamous, sensational trial that took the industry by storm in 2022.

In short, Depp sued for defamation after Heard reported claims of abuse, sexual assault, and more during her marriage to the former heartthrob. Heard lost her case, and owed Depp over $10 million dollars in damages.

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But just when we thought we were out of the woods with this nasty, upsetting, and disheartening case, Netflix swooped in amidst the Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA strikes to deliver a detailed documentary.

While we recently reported on this upcoming documentary, which debuts on August 16, we’ve yet to share the trailer with our readers. Check it out here:

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This upcoming Netflix series will be in three parts. Reportedly, this series will explore the role social media played in this testimony, in the public view and relations of both actors, and “what happens when the court of public opinion starts to overshadow reality.”

johnny depp captain jack sparrow payback disney pirates of the caribbean

Credit: Disney

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The official summary reads:

Depp v. Heard, the new limited series from director Emma Cooper, covers the trial with the goal of presenting a neutral overview of what happens when the court of public opinion starts to overshadow reality. For the first time, the three-part series presents Depp and Heard’s testimony side-by-side, using 200 hours of live-streamed trial coverage from the mainstream news and citizen commentators on TikTok and Twitter. Ultimately, Depp v. Heard interrogates the role social media played in the trial, raising provocative, uncomfortable questions about how the conversations happening outside the courtroom may have influenced the outcome.

Will you be watching this docu-series?

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