Johnny Depp Back as Jack Sparrow at Disney?

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The world wants to know: Is Johnny Depp coming back to reprise the role of Jack Sparrow in the insanely popular Disney film franchiseĀ Pirates of the Caribbean?

It’s a tricky question, with many considerations to be examined since his nasty trial with ex-wife Amber Heard was the catalyst to a string of bad press for theĀ Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet StreetĀ star. Johnny Depp’s relationship with Disney, despite five films featuring the actor as the lovable Captain Jack Sparrow, remains up in the air due to the abrupt firing of Depp after an expose written by Heard alleged him of serious abuse. Depp has famously acknowledged that he will never work for Disney again, but rumors have soared, suggesting that the mega-star might have had a change of heart.

johnny depp pirates of the caribbean jack sparrow

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Johnny Depp says Goodbye to Disney

However damning the evidence of Johnny’s personal issues may be towards a return to a sixth Pirate’s film, fans want him back. Despite the sensationalized public hearing with Amber Heard, followed by an in-depth look at Johnny Depp’s seemingly violent relationship with his once-wife in a new Netflix documentary (Depp V. Heard), massive fan support would almost guarantee Depp could return as Jack Sparrow if Disney presented a suitable script. Simply put, people love Johnny Depp, and they love Jack Sparrow, even overlooking the accusations of atrocious behavior of theĀ Alice in WonderlandĀ star.Ā 

For this reason, Depp, who also loves the Pirates of the Caribbean character, keeps the spirit of Jack Sparrow alive. Johnny Depp has used Jack Sparrow to connect with fans, most recently lamenting the death of a child who adored the character and had created an online following based on Depp’s extremely successfulĀ Pirate’sĀ films. More famously, Johnny Depp has even brought the iconic role to Disneyland, where theĀ Pirates of the Caribbean concept was born, to treat unknowing guests to the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of seeing Captain Jack Sparrow live and in person.Ā 

ā€œYou Are a Warrior Mateā€: Johnny Depp Pays His Respects Following the Death of ā€˜Pirates of the Caribbeanā€™ Fan

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Johnny Brings Jack Sparrow to Disneyland

Back in 2017, before the world would be introduced to a nasty trial featuring Depp and then-wife Amber Heard, the actor partnered with Disney to bring a promotion to the waters of the original Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at Disneyland Resort. As guests embarked on one of Disney’s original Imagineering wonders, little did they know that Depp was waiting around the corner in full costume and make-up to surprise them. Although this particular incident was allowed in promotion of the last Pirates of the Caribbean film,Ā Dead Men Tell No Tales, it has created a sense of stigma around the ride, with guests constantly vigilant to see if Depp may show up and reprise the role in person again.

Although Depp hasn’t officially returned to the role since the 2017 release of the last film, that didn’t stop some guests from losing their minds when a potentially familiar face popped up at Disneyland a few days ago. Guests to Disneyland were seen scurrying to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in an effort to grab a picture with what looks like Johnny Depp dressed as Jack Sparrow. Although it is most certainly difficult to tell the difference, Disneyland faithful were quick to point out that the character is not Johnny Depp, but a perfect look-a-like that brings the popular personality back to life.


Not me thinking #johnnydepp might actually be at #disneyland šŸ˜‚

ā™¬ Pirates Of The Caribbean – Main Theme – He’s A Pirate – Geek Music

TikTok userĀ @_western.momma_ posted took a quick look at the Johnny Depp doppelganger, and many are having a hard time accepting that the look-a-like is not Depp himself. We have to admit, it is difficult to tell the difference, as the appearance and mannerisms of the actor are almost a clone of Depp’s Jack Sparrow performance. However, it seems as if this version of the famed pirate captain isn’t a new enigma to Disneyland guests. He’s fooled others before. It’s completely understandable, as one look isn’t enough to make a clear decision on whether it’s actually Depp or not in character.

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Will Johnny Depp Return for ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6?’

Of course, if you’ve seen Johnny Depp lately, or even in the last Pirates of the Caribbean film, you’d quickly realize that, undoubtedly, this isn’t him. However, it’s a clear indication of fans’ desperation for him to return to Disney for one last film. As Depp’s legal troubles and trial are a thing of the past between him and Amber Heard, the once Mad Hatter could very well be in talks to reprise the role eventually, although not likely, according to fellow cast members. Instead, much of Depp’s time has been spent alongside his daughter, Lily-Rose Depp, playing music with the Hollywood Vampires and visiting the Cannes Film Festival, and as the face of Dior Sauvage.Ā 

His absence from Hollywood hasn’t stopped many from speculating about a possible return to Warner Bros in theĀ Fantastic BeastsĀ franchise or even joining forces with Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter again in remakes likeĀ The Nightmare Before Christmas. However, until we hear anything from Mr. Depp, it is unlikely that a return to Disney for the Academy Award winner is on the horizon. If news of Jack Sparrow once again gracing screens around the world does ever come to fruition, we’ll be right here to celebrate alongside you all. Until then, bring me that horizon!

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