Johnny Depp to Star in Live-Action “Nightmare Before Christmas” in the Works at Disney

johnny depp nightmare before christmas
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***Since the publication of this post, it has been discovered that the source of this news piece was written as satire. As such, this news article should be taken lightly, as a wishful post on the part of fans who clearly hope that such a live-action remake comes to fruition at Disney, and that Johnny Depp will be called on to play the lead role.

A live-action remake of one of Disney’s most popular animated films is in the works at the House of Mouse, and stepping into the lead role is none other than Captain Jack Sparrow himself, Johnny Depp.

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johnny depp nightmare before christmas

Credit: Disney/Canva

Disney’s most famous Halloween-themed film will celebrate the 30th anniversary of its theatrical release later this year. Originally inspired by a poem written by producer Tim Burton during his time as a Disney animator, Disney’s The Nightmare Before Christmas wasn’t a film the House of Mouse wanted to make initially.

Disney Wanted No Part in the Film

After Burton was fired from his role as an animator at Disney in 1984, he went on to direct Batman and other films for Warner Bros, but Burton kept thinking about the idea of his film. Eventually, Disney and Burton reached an agreement, and the film was going to be released under Walt Disney Animation’s name, but Disney ultimately decided to release it under Touchstone Pictures–a more adult-oriented label–since the studio feared Burton’s film would be “too dark and scary” for children.

Though the film only earned $50 million from its original theatrical release, subsequent releases over the years collectively earned more than $40 million more. The film wasn’t considered a blockbuster, but it wasn’t a flop either, and in the 30 years since its debut, Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas has continued to attract new fans and has even become a bit of a cult classic.

The “Nightmare” Becomes a Dream Come True

Now, a new era of The Nightmare Before Christmas might just garner even more fandom, as a live-action remake of the fan-favorite Halloween- and Christmas-themed flick is reportedly in the works at Disney. Because of the animated film’s current fandom, the live-action version of the film could easily bring in new “Nightmare” fans, but an entirely new wave of fans–especially those who may see the new live-action version as more a dream than a nightmare as Johnny Depp is said to be taking on the lead role in the new film.

johnny depp nightmare before christmas

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Fans might have to wait for news that Johnny Depp is joining the Pirates franchise again,” says James Brizuela in a post at ITM, “[but] everyone can be happy that the man is set to portray one of the best and creepiest heroes from the Disney catalog. Depp did show his singing prowess in Sweeney Todd, and the man is a bonafide rockstar, as he released an album with the late Jeff Beck in July 2022.”

A live-action take on The Nightmare Before Christmas is another in the long line of remakes being planned at Disney–and reportedly, another part of Disney CEO Bob Iger’s promise about the “next era” at the studios.

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“Though Lilo & Stitch, Hercules, and The Little Mermaid are well underway as the next animated movies to get the live-action remake, Disney has officially announced that [Tim Burton’s] The Nightmare Before Christmas will follow the same route. Bob Iger promised that he would do everything in his power to ensure this next era of Disney would be its best, and what better way than by reviving one of the most beloved movies in the entire catalog?”

As of the time of this publication, no release date has been shared for the new live-action remake of Tim Burton’s holiday flick, but fans will no doubt be thrilled with the finished project once it does debut.

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