Ariana Grande as Meg In “Hercules”: Fans Attempt to Put a Stop to This Live-Action Casting

Ariana Grande Hercules
Credit: Ariana Grande and Disney

Right now, Ariana Grande is in some pretty hot water.

Ariana Grande is undoubtedly one of the music industry’s most famous and talented singers today. Since she was a child, Grande has been excelling as a singer and actress. Whether it’s Broadway, television, or the music charts, Grande is a name that rises to the top. While her talent is undeniable, her personality is quite a bit more polarising with fans.

Now, a new scandal has put Ariana in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

Ariana grande performing

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On-Set Scandal Could Jepordise Grande’s Future Roles

Currently, Grande is in hot water for drama regarding an affair between her and her Wicked cast member, Ethan Slater. According to sources, Slater left his wife and 1-year-old baby for Grande. Fans are now calling Grande a “homewrecker” and blame her for engaging in an inappropriate relationship. While it is far too late for Grande to be removed from Wicked, some haters of the singer and actress and hoping to get her axed from a future project.

Earlier this summer, Sean Bailey, the President of Walt Disney Studios, confirmed that a live-action version of the film Hercules is in development.

With this announcement came rumors of a potential cast. Included in that list was Ariana Grande portraying the role of Megara, a.k.a Meg, in the upcoming live action film.

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Fans Bombard Disney With Threats Over Grande’s Casting Rumors

When it was revealed that Ariana Grande was being eyed for the role of Meg alongside Taron Egerton, who is being considered for live action Hercules, fans had a less-than-positive reaction. Fans flooded the comment section of one post with loads of criticism over Ariana’s casting in this Disney movie.

Another fan simply says;

“She needs to stay far away from him.”

This much negative backlash surrounding a casting rumor is not a good sign for Disney. With all of the recent controversy regarding live action remake castings, it is clear that Disney may want to take a step back and review some more choices before revealing anything on this.

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