Iconic Actor Replacing Johnny Depp in ‘Pirates 6,’ Report Says

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Disney could be heading in a different direction and leaving Johnny Depp out.

Johnny Depp’s ability to fully immerse himself in diverse characters, unconventional choices, and dedication to his craft have been central to his success in Hollywood. He transformed himself from a budding musician to one of the most respected and recognizable actors in the film industry, leaving an indelible mark on cinema.

Depp’s first significant acting roles were on television. He appeared in the popular TV series 21 Jump Street. Johnny Depp’s first films were Cry-Baby (1990) and Edward Scissorhands (1990), What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005), Alice in Wonderland (2010), Pirates of the Caribbean (2003) and many more films.

Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) runs away in 'Pirates' franchise

Credit: Disney

Depp’s portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise became legendary.

His quirky and unpredictable performance in this role solidified his status as an international superstar. Outside of his career, Johnny Depp has faced personal challenges, including highly publicized legal battles and controversies. These events have, at times, overshadowed his career accomplishments and personal life.

Overshadowed Career

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. What followed was a series of legal disputes and allegations that captured headlines worldwide. Amber Heard accused Johnny Depp of physical and emotional abuse during their relationship.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Trial on Netflix

Credit: Netflix

These allegations, in particular, caused Johnny Depp to receive backlash and saw his reputation tarnished, with some studios and producers distancing themselves from him. With studios stepping back, Depp lost movie roles such as Pirates of the Caribbean 6, Fantastic Beasts, and several other films.

Johnny Depp stepped out of the limelight after backlash from the trial and moved to Europe, where he joined his band Hollywood Vampires. Fans thought Johnny Depp was turning a leaf when he was found unresponsive in a hotel room. Fans since then spotted Depp with a cane due to an ankle injury.

Jack Sparrow

Fandomwire reported that Johnny Depp’s replacement for Pirates of the Caribbean 6 could potentially be the original choice.

Johnny Depp was not Disney’s first pick due to his character, Jack Sparrow. In all actuality, Jim Carrey was the first ideal pick for Pirates of the Caribbean.

jim carrey

Credit: Disney/Good Morning America

Jim Carrey has starred in family movies such as the Dr. Seuss character, the Grinch, in the 2000 film How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Jim Carrey’s physical comedy and over-the-top acting style were a perfect match for the role, and he embraced the character with his trademark energy and enthusiasm.

Grinch at Universal

Credit: Universal

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Disney initially considered Jim Carrey for the role, but unfortunately, he had to decline due to scheduling conflicts. This revelation might come as a surprise to audiences and fans who have long associated Johnny Depp as the perfect actor for the part.

Imagining Carrey in the role could have been intriguing, given his comedic talent and distinctive personality. Jim Carrey undeniably possesses the comedic prowess, charisma, and quick-witted humor that could have made him a compelling Captain Jack Sparrow. While Johnny Depp’s portrayal is iconic and irreplaceable, Carrey’s unique approach would have offered a fresh perspective to the character.

Pirates of the Caribbean 6

Although it’s unlikely that Johnny Depp will reprise the role in future Pirates of the Caribbean franchises, should Disney decide to explore recasting options, Jim Carrey remains an intriguing prospect, fulfilling Disney’s original choice.

Meanwhile, speculation around the cast, the plot, and Depp’s future in Pirates of the Caribbean 6 remains a hot topic. Most recently, @HollywoodHandle reported:

“Disney is reportedly considering having Johnny Depp back as Captain Jack Sparrow but for a supporting role in ‘PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 6.’”

As always, we will keep following the news surrounding Pirates of the Caribbean 6, including Johnny Depp’s future as Jack Sparrow or his potential replacements… such as Jim Carrey.

What are your thoughts on Jim Carrey as Captain Jack Sparrow? Let us know in the comments. 

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  1. In 4 words THAT WOULD BE BAD

    • That would be really bad no one can do it like Johnny depp can that would be really bad no one can do it like Johnny depp

      • One nd only Johnny Depp..No one can replace him..I respect jim Carrey but for this we need only JD

        • I’ve never been a fan of Jim Carrey, so that would be a big NO for me.
          Actually no one would be a good replacement for Johnny.

        • 1st, my understanding is carey has retired . Not saying he couldnt come out of retirement;however, what little I follow entertainment world hes had issues w/ depression, gotten off meds for it (I’ve been on and gotten off as well so can understand difficulty at times due to stress of normal life so can imagine it when dealing w/ stress of filming movie). So, just cause hollywood is thinking him dont mean can get him.
          1 unknown actor that might could do credence to role would be a chris Bennett who I’ve seen in shorts on youtube.
          His being unknown (to my knowledge) might not have draw of Depp or Carey but could also have benefits of fresh face and possibly desire to make it more to make his name; not to mention a cheaper pay.

        • Anyone replacing Johnny Depp is an ENORMOUS mistake. Disney would be foolish this as he has not only made Disney Billions of dollars but Johnny IS Captain Jack Sparrow. I know for a fact that if Disney replaces Johnny Depp that Disney will LOSE millions or worse. Amber did a number in her damage to his career with her jealousy and lies. Disney has also placed themselves as her victims by their actions against Johnny Depp. By listening and believing her even with the evidence against her, they have become her puppets. I REFUSE to see anything with her in it. Johnny is Captain Jack and that is the end of that. If he is replaced, I will no longer be watching the series. Won’t be the same or worth it.

        • Johnny Depp should NOT be replaced as Captain Jack Sparrow. Especially since he won the Amber Heard defamation lawsuit.

        • My sentiments are exactly as Anne and Mitzi..Johnny Depp is captain Jack.the one and only Johnny Depp, My captain,my champion, my fellow Narc.Abuse survivor❣️We KNOW!Be aware Disney,Johnny is the only one! Make it happen with or don’t make it!

      • Other is but one Captain Jack Sparrow and that is Johnny Depp. I will not watch any Pirates of the Caribbean movies that do not portray Mr Depp as the legendary Captain Jack Sparrow . Johnny Depp created that character and no one can replace him.

        • I agree Disney should not replace Johnny, I can’t imagine anyone other than him playing the role of Jack Sparrow. Shame on Disney.

          • Oh please only Johnny can do Captain Jack. I wouldn’t watch it without Johnny. Don’t make anymore bad Disney choices. Give the fans what they want.

          • No one can replace Johnny Depp Get real Disney

          • No one can replace Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow, Johnny is Jack and Disney will make a huge mistake if they try to replace him, the fans love Jack but only if played by Johnny Depp.
            Disney should be ashamed of how they have treated Johnny and to replace him would be the final insult, its disgusting.

          • I grew up watching Jim carry more than Johnny Depp true Depp made jack but I would love to see Jim carry you know he would be good there is no doubt

          • Who could replace Jonny Depp as captain Jack NO ONE I will never go to Disney again they have proved who they are. Jonny Depp has proved to the world who is is.

        • Jim Carry would of been great. But I don’t think anyone will ever be as amazing as Johnny Depp!!

          • I’ve never cared for Jim Carey and replacing Johnny Depp with him would be an insult. No one can replace Johnny as Jack. It just won’t work. It’s not a batman movie.

        • There is only one Captain Jack Sparrow!!! Johnny Depp
          I won’t be watching any more movies if ya keep him out. People do stuff ok but we move on to do better. I’ve never liked Jim Carey

        • Didn’t enjoy last Pirates without johney Depp and won’t bother seeing the next if he isn’t in it. I think any onel is entitled to a private life. He’s a brilliant actor so why penelise him for what happens in his private life

        • Johnny Made Captain Jack! Enough said!

        • BAN POTC MOVIE(S)

          • Johnny is Cap.Jack Sparrow. Disney is making a huge mistake. I have written Disney off permanently.

          • Did they seriously remove his likeness from the pirates ride at the parks?! Disgraceful. Disney has proven over the recent years that they don’t actually understand the entertainment industry as much as I think they’d like to believe they do. Not only are they constantly producing soulless cash grab attempts at nostalgia driven “movies” but they are leaving more and more into all show no sustenance. If they don’t make some serious changes and right some wrongs they have caused, they are going to go down harder than a bowling ball in a balloon testing facility.

        • I agree. No Johnny Depp as Capt. Jack. No movie for me.

        • Agreed no one but Johnny Depp. Carey is all wrong for Ourates

        • That is absolutely a negative idea! People do not like when a iconic character is replaced after a long n successful stamp on it. People will go in already with negative thoughts, n will pick it apart. Die Hard are gonna refuse to pay $$ at all. It’s Johnny’s legacy character. I have No interest at all even to give someone else the role. Jim Carrey or not, that is Depps role!

        • I dont think it will be as popular without Johnny depp, he’s just jack sparrow simple as that,

        • Depp is Jack Sparrow. This will bomb at the box office if he’s replaced. Oh well…

        • 💯 percent me either. I do like Carey he is a good actor. However Johnny is Captain Jack absolutely no one else can fill his shoes.
          Just like Aquaman 2 is choking with AH so will Pirates without Johnny

        • Disney has made a huge
          I will never watch a movie
          Made by Disney.
          They are a disgrace to the movie business and I hope
          That this movie bombs and thh

        • Patricia Blitchington

          I agree, Johnny Depp plays the Character the best, no one can replace him.

        • Nope. I will drop all the movies that do not portray Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. He is the ONLY ONE!!!!!!! Do not replace him. You will be making a HUGE MISTAKE!!

      • If they replace Johnny Depp I will never watch another watch Disney movie. He has made jack sparrow no one will be able to act like Johnny Depp your going to ruin the movie. Who cares if he has a ex wife problem, don’t ruin a great movie because of something that has nothing to do with the movie.

        • Johnny Depp is Jack sparrow…no one else can replace him…

        • Disney,
          We all know Jim is a great actor. No one can replace Jonny as our Pirate.
          We all have ups and downs in life that is part of life. Disney should know this in your many movies.
          Just because one has issues in life that needed to be addressed Disney drops you. WOW
          So apart from making movies you want the actors not to have any life changes. Please
          No one is perfect. You want robots for actual actors. Please keep Jonny Depp. He and only he can be Jack Sparrow!

          • I agree with everyone, it would be bad if Disney replace Johnny Depp. I will no go see pirates if he isn’t in the movie. I fell in love with Jack Sparrow and I love the movie’s he can’t be replaced I will never watch another pirates move if they replace him.

        • there is no way u can replace

        • Stephanie Plummer

          For anyone to even consider replacing Johnny is crazy! He is Jack Sparrow, he created him.
          I truly believe the only people who would even consider to watch it, it will be just to see how bad it is.
          I can’t imagine coming close to earning what the the original movies did.

      • Jim is a terrific comedic actor. But once you’ve seen Johnny as Captain Sparrow. Well, Noone can take his place.


        • Johnny Depp made the Pirates Jack Sparrow he can’t be replaced . Just ask his fans from all over the world and you will know. He’s millions of fans will tell you no Johnny Depp no Jack Sparrow you can’t replace perfection. Then there is a HUGE LOSE FOR DISNEYS FURTURE.

      • Replacing Johnny Depp will totally ruine the franchise. Johnny is Captain Jack no Johnny not Captain Jack

      • Oh no , there is no one who can replace Johnny Depp as captain jack sparrow. Jim Carrey would just be a disaster..

        • Johnny Depp can never be replaced as Capiain Sparrow period he gets paid for his acting ability to bring his character to life. I could care less what his private life entales. People need to get a life and stop worrying about what he does on his own time

          • I totally agree. Beginning to the end Johnny Depp is Jack Sparrow. Jim Carey though a good funnyman will not do justice to the role period the end.

        • Depp is Jack Sparrow. This will bomb at the box office if he’s replaced. Oh well…

        • No way! I would not watch no one can play jack sparrow…. Captain Jack Sparrow is Johnny Depp .

        • If Johnny Depp is not in # 6 , I will not watch .If it’s not broken don’t frickin’ TRY to fix it . How blind are you guy’s everyone loves this man . It’s just like you all saying your glad President Kennedy got shot . Think about it , that is if you can . I’m really starting to wonder .JD OR NO MORE DISNEY .

      • Not a fan of Jim Carry. Disastrous! wiil not watch.There is only one Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp).

      • Only Johnny for Captain Jack Sparrow. Sorry Disney, you goofed!

      • Bad choice. Jim Carrey is ridiculas he uses same thing in every character. Guess Disney is ready to ruin the entire movie

      • Thankyou such a remarkable man in his own right. Why should he be ditched, is there jealousy hmmm, seems so unfair, bring Johnny back he’s not hurting anyone and never has he is worth far more to the industry as many of us know and thats a fact in his past present and continued efforts are so magnetic the modt watched man6

      • Jonny Depp or don’t do Pirates 6 you will ruin it. !
        Jonny was made for that roll and that roll was made for him !

      • You gotta be kidding! Jim Carrey replace Johnny Depp????? JD created that character and that is the reason for the popularity of the movies. No Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow, no POTC

    • Yup .I won’t even go see it or see it onTV. Even.

    • I agree That would be the death of that franchise taking Johnny Depp out as Captain Jack Sparrow and replacing the character with another actor. Put Jack Sparrow back in the franchise or leave Jack Sparrow out. But don’t replace him. What a joke

    • Totally agree no one can take CJS it’s Johnny.
      I would love to know why they have to mention his ex all the time he’s better off away from her.

      • Heck no, will no go! Johnny is Jack Sparrow!

        • Like no one can replace Jim Carey in the grinch, no one will ever replace Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. Disney you are walking yourselves off of the “plank” in pirate terms if you do this, US Depp fans will never forgive you. Even the all mighty Disney can crumble.

      • You will never replace Johnny Depp! you will have to create a new character!

    • There is no one that can take the place of Johnny Depp as captain Jack sparrow

      Disney is making a huge mistake
      Hey Johnnie, 300 million and a couple alpacas

    • Very bad. Depp is the only Jack Sparrow

    • *either* bloomin auto.

    • Johnny Depp was great in the role For Pirates of the Caribbean.
      Problem is, most of his fans want to ignore the fact that he’s an alcoholic and drug addict. This affected his showing up on time for acting, which cost millions in lost production time, and earned the wrath of the Director, and costars. Most people want to simply blame Amber heard for her defamation of his character. But for Disney, the real problem was Johnny Depp himself, and his long record of unreliability due to intoxication.

      • Wouldn’t you if you had a life like he’s had, and so what he played a brilliant part, made Disney an awful lot of money, what difference did it make if he turned up late, still made it a success, so stop knocking him

    • Fully agree! Either bring back Johnny Depp or leave it alone and move on.

    • Is Disney crazy! He isn’t a good choice for Captian Jack. Even if he is a different person Johnny has To be there!
      Not watching without Johnny Depp!!!

    • Johnny Depp is Captain Jack Sparrow, and there will lnever be an actor that can reprise the role like he did it. It just won’t be the same. I’d be willing to bet that sales drop drastically. Now if Mr. Depp is not returning of his his accord, then I guess Jim Carey would do as a substitute. But I think Mr. Carey should talk to Mr. Depp and make sure he is okay with it.

    • No to Jim Carrey..not the pirate type. The best replacement for Johnny is a more seasoned, savvy Johnny Depp. and he would be excellent at that.

    • So wait, he was found not guilty, everyone listened in court to audio proof that it was HER abusing HIM, yet he still continues to lose roles over this?? Unbelievable.
      Plus noone is going to watch a pirates movie without Johnny as capt sparrow anyway. Disney really choosing this hill to die on smh

    • Disney would be making a huge mistake replacing Johnny Depp.

    • Disney will be making a huge mistake. The only Captain Jack is Johnny Depp! The man was more than proven innocent of that wretched woman’s allegations how long does he have to pay for that one mistake of ever dating her. Bring Johnny back otherwise they might as well shut down Captain Jack because no one will want to see anybody but the Captain Jack we all know and love. In Disney sees anything else they need to take off the Rose colored glasses and call it a day!

    • No Depp, no Captain Jack Sparrow. Jim Carrey can find his own character.

    • If that’s the case I won’t be watching it , Depp is captain Jack Sparrow no one else can do it justice .

      • I will not watch it if Johnny Depp isn’t staring in it. I don’t care who they will replace him with I will NOT under any circumstances will watch it then
        That will absolutely ruin Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Period!

    • Absolutely no way would I watch unless it was JD playing the role . Come on Disney apologizes and get him back. You’ll lose in the end if you use someone else to play CJS .

    • No way…..I will not support any pirates of Carrigan movie if they replace Johnny Depp…HE IS CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW….NO ONE ELSE!! Wake up Disney…its a lover if you replace him.

    • Replacing Johnny Depp would be a big mistake! There can only be one Capt Hack Sparrow! No one can ever replace him.

  2. Absolutely and positively no one is Captain Jack Sparrow except Johnny Depp.

  3. Big mistake if anyone who isn’t Johnny Depp doesn’t’ play Captain Jack Sparrow!! He is Jack Sparrow!

    • Jim carry as who? A pirate , sorry maybe funny Parrot catcher! WoW, I have Nothing Against Jim, But what Happened 2 disney, that Place has Done Nothing for the Last 5+ years or More? They Went Down Hill, and do Not want to get back to the good! I have been there, and do Not Want to Go Back!

    • I won’t even go see it. I know a lot more that will not see it. The movie will be a big flop. Not worth spending the money on.

  4. Johnny Depp is the one and only.

  5. No Johnny Depp no pirates of the Caribbean no one can take his place I don’t care what after you put in there and I’m sure everyone feels the same way.

  6. IT WILL BE A MISTAKE TO REPLACE JOHNNY will loose your money cause Noone will show up

  7. That would be an awful tragedy for Jim Carey to step into this role.

  8. There’s only one Jack Sparrow and that is Johnny everybody knows that now you can bring in another character Jim Sparrow now how funny with that be but you can still have to have Johnny Jim would be his brother LOL too funny got to make it now 🤣

  9. There’s only one Jack Sparrow and that is Johnny everybody knows that now you can bring in another character Jim Sparrow now how funny would that be but you would still have to have Johnny ,Jim would be his brother LOL that’s just too funny got to make it now 🤣

  10. Who could be the rascal Johnny Depp plays as Captain Jack. He is the ultimate wild, funny and sexy man who is at his best playing his alter ego Captain Jack. You can’t replace him in The Pirates.

  11. This site is continuing all the pap that Johnny hates.from tv to skipping all roles between Alice and Pirates. Johnny needs to write the end of just leave it hang. you’re also flaking the true justice of the trial. he won period. aAlso coined phrase 39 mashed potatoes about the sour grapes. You are one of the worst sites. he didn’t Back off from yYou so n sos. scissorhands.Funfding Neverland. Jupiter Replacing the Earthquake monster girl. Italy. foursome of new movies TBA.The truest Gentleman.

  12. How about Double O Sparrow “James… James Sparrow”
    Jim Carrey would B really good at creating a Pirate with a Hint of 007 that would B quite Awesome unfortunately more than likely schnott unless someone of influence likes the idea as much as I do I have quite the imagination too Kool I hope that you are listening Mr Carry Luv you and Johnny much THAT Jamn Katt A Loon

  13. Can’t you can’t replace Johnny Depp after all these movies he is the one and only Captain Sparrow! It would be a big mistake and I love Jim Carrey more than I do Johnny Depp but he has pulled it off he is a pirate when you even look at him you think of Captain Jack Sparrow you don’t think Johnny Depp you don’t put Jim Carrey in something that there’s already been five movies! Just pay The Man and make it the last installment find something new for Jim Carrey

  14. Yet another mistake by Disney – killing their own franchises as well as other now.

  15. Yet another mistake by Disney – now killing their own franchises as well as Star Wars, Indian Jones etc.

  16. Terrible idea.. save ur money. It will be a Flop. Why not have a rebel like Johnny depp play a drunk rebel? Duh he’s the perfect choice. Besides, he won his case in court. Accusations are not facts.

  17. Nope! Do not replace this iconic actor. BIG MISTAKE!

  18. You can’t get the best, so you settle for the worst? That’s like going to a restaurant and ordering New York strip and getting an Oscar Mayer hot dog instead.
    I won’t watch it. I’ve not watched anything that Jim Carey has ever been in and ill not watch as you destroy Pirates with him.

    We need Iron Man and you’re sending us Daffy Duck.

  19. Disney needs to get their heads out of their assets and bring back Johnny Depp. Otherwise Doom and gloom for pirates of the Caribbean. The fan base just won’t be there.

    • Agree. Silly question to even ask. There is only 1 Captain Jack. Someone else could potentially be a long lost relative, but even then a careful selection should be conducted. And good luck with that Disney…

      • I totally agree and was going to say something similar. Disney can’t/won’t replace Johnny Depp as CJS, in the minds of his fans. He is already inured in that role. If Jim Carrey were first in playing the role, and it was a hit, no one would want to replace him in the iconic role either!

  20. Johnny Depp should be the ONLY choice for Captain Jack Sparrow. He is the reason everyone knows who Jack is. Shame on Disney for casting him aside!

    • Johnny Depp is Captain Jack Sparrow. There is no other Captain Jack Sparrow for the Pirates of the Caribbean movie’s or franchise. Johnny Depp is the one and only Captain Jack Sparrow. There is simply no one else that is good enough for the Pirates of the Caribbean movie’s and franchise. Johnny Depp is the only one that is Captain Jack Sparrow. Johnny Depp is the best for Captain Jack Sparrow.

  21. I agree with the others here. Nobody can be a replacement for Depp. He has become the legendary Captain Jack Sparrow. If he will no longer play the role, then that’s the end of the journey not only for him and the Jack Sparrow we know, but it’s the end for me. As one of my most beloved film franchises, I will be gutted and I won’t be seeing any further additions to the franchise if Carey or anyone else replaces Depp. I’d rather see the franchise come to and end.

    • Yeah that will be the end of it. We even don’t call the name of the movie at home! We call it Johnny depp lol. And they are going to replace him!! It’s no more the same thing! I won’t watch!

    • I will never watch another Disney film again.
      They will lose lots of money and the replacement of Depp was the biggest mistake.
      I hope that no one will watch Pirates without Johnny Depp
      Disney will regret it.

  22. I’m not a fan of Jim Carrey. He goes way over the top awkwardly. Depp goes over the top with smooth finesse. It’s easy to watch. If they change to much to an iconic series, it will end up worse than the little mermaid! They went with depp for a reason keep it that way! Another note…Comparing hits- who has more Depp or Carrey?

  23. Following in a string of recent incredibly bad decisions if Disney puts Carey in it will be another disastrous decision. I am a HUGE DISNEY fan, but I cannot believe the mistakes happening now. Carey is a jerk and I won’t watch him in anything and certainly not in my beloved Pirates.

  24. OMG are you People on crack.??? There is no one like Johnny Depp .. He is Captain Jack Sparrow. Cuz cuz that dumb bitch. Made up all her shit. Now she should be the one. That burns in hell. Please please put Jonny back as captain jack sparrow. Your gonna find out you made a big bad choice replacing Johnny. Shame on you!!!!

  25. No one, and I mean no one can replace Johnny Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean. It wouldn’t be the same with out Johnny Depp

  26. Jack sparrow is none other than Johnny drepp . It would be a great mistake to replace him with someone else

  27. Jim Carrey’s acting seems to be an effort to pull off as Johnny Depp flows naturally. Disney needs to knuckle down and either not make the movie and save their money or go for it with what everyone knows is successful. The resentment by the public for Disneys actions is not exactly a profitable one.

  28. I won’t to laff you take Johnny Depp out don’t mack the movie

    • This reply is to all including Disney. If Johnny Depp is gonna due the the best replacement would be Robert Downey Jr. Hands down he could bring a lot to the character with his additional twist to it as well. I’m telling u it would be a hit providing that it is well written with the great touches of comedy added. Just a thought. I would go see it.

  29. No one can replace Johnny Depp’s Character in Pirates of the Caribbean. Might as well end the franchise if you can’t get him to reprise the roll.

    Start up another franchise with Jim Carrey along the same movie theme. Might be interesting to see him as a Pirate.

    • This reply is to all including Disney. If Johnny Depp is gonna due the the best replacement would be Robert Downey Jr. Hands down he could bring a lot to the character with his additional twist to it as well. I’m telling u it would be a hit providing that it is well written with the great touches of comedy added. Just a thought. I would go see it.


  31. Disney should stop while they are ahead. I loved the first 3, but after that seems drab, others didn’t really make me laugh like the first 3 did. Maybe do a spin off of them, but that is all I have.

  32. Will never watch another Pirate movie if Johnny Depp is recast. Might even boycott all things Disney. What is wrong with you people?

  33. It would be a waste of time and money

  34. I think all of us that are fans of Captain Jack Sparrow (Jonny Depp), can agree that there is absolutely no other person on the planet who has the ability to portray the character the way he does. Because, he actually lives the character, not just acts him.
    If Disney chooses to replace Jonny with someone else, we can only hope that they choose someone who feels like Will Smith did about reprising the role of “Genie” in “ALADDIN”, when he made it clear that the only way he would take the role is if he could play it his way with the expectations of the songs.

  35. There is only 1! Depp or end the series! Witch-hunts are for losers like Amber!

    • Johnny Depp will always be Jack Sparrow to me. Jim Carrey he’s okay but I think Johnny Depp has been Jack Sparrow for all of the films and he has it down pat. Listen to the fans. I think you all need to get Johnny Depp back. Disney isn’t what it used to be. I think your ratings will go down if you had someone to play Captain Jack Sparrow.

  36. NOBODY can replace Johnny! Good luck with that one!!!

  37. Nope! Not today! Not evet! Johnny Depp is Captain Jack, period. Disney should apoligize. They dropped Johnny when he hadn’t been convicted of anything! He was found not guily! What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Very bad idea to replace him! Totally unfair situation!

  38. If they put Jim Carrey in as captain Jack no one is gonna watch it Johnny Depp is Jack Sparrow no one else can play it like him I WILL NOT WATCH IT Jim Carrey is a has been

  39. It’s Johnny Depp or don’t make another movie. I absolutely refuse to see anyone else in the roll.

    Matter of fact, Jim Carrey? Really? I avoided his movies because I couldn’t stand him, until he did drama with good story lines that included none of the BS he did in the beginning of his career. That’s when I appreciated him. Until those rolls, I avoided him.

    Besides, Jim said he’s retired from acting, so this seems really weird since he’s been saying for years he never wants to act again.

    Disney, do not shoot yourself in the foot. Bring Johnny back or kill the franchise completely. Save yourself money, time and heartbreak.

    • I really have only liked 2 Jim Carrey movies: The Truman Show and Liar Liar. As far as the Pirates movies…..IF Jim Carrey had made the 1st one it’s a possibility it might have been good and then he would have made the Captain Sparrow iconic. However, we will never know for sure. And since Johnny Depp has already ‘created’ the character of Captain Sparrow no one else would be able to truly pull off BEING Captain Jack Sparrow except Johnny Depp!

  40. BIG HUGE MISTAKE!!. Johnny Depp is the one and only Captain Jack Sparrow. If they replace him with whomever they will lose tons of money because the public will boycott the movie and no one will go see it. Face it disney its Depp or no one!!! Haven’t you made enough mistakes recently? Why make another.

  41. We don’t know the name of the movie. We know captain Jack Sparrow. And who is him? Forever Johnny Depp! So just end the series cause we will NOT watch it without him.

    • Though Jim Carrey was the original pick in Pirates Franchise, Johnny did his best and he suites this character …this is the worst decision by Dissney
      Hope Johnny would return in time 🙏

    • Disney cut Johnny Depp before the court decision. They judged him guilty before knowing the outcome. Shame on Disney for that. Now they wanted him back? The damage is done. No more Johnny? No other can replace CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow. Let this be the day you remember that you didn’t capture Captain Jack Disney!!

  42. Johnny Depp was great in the role For Pirates of the Caribbean.
    Problem is, most of his fans want to ignore the fact that he’s an alcoholic and drug addict. This affected his showing up on time for acting, which cost millions in lost production time, and earned the wrath of the Director, and costars. Most people want to simply blame Amber heard for her defamation of his character. But for Disney, the real problem was Johnny Depp himself, and his long record of unreliability due to intoxication.

    • Nick what poof do you have. Cause I’m not picking up what you are putting down. I need facts and I need the evidence of what you’re accusing Johnny Depp of. Otherwise you should keep your thoughts to your self. Didn’t your mother ever tell you that if you don’t have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything
      at all?

  43. They will be losing millions of dollars if they chose not to have Johnny Depp as Captain Jack. I will DEFINATELY NOT SEE IT!!!!

  44. I can not picture Him Carry as Captain Jack. That would be weird. Johnny Depp did such a great job as Captain Jack it would be hard to think of anyone else doing it. But if they were to cast someone else it needs to be an actor would make the role his own and not try to copy Johnny Depp’s version. I could see Dewayne Johnson, Brad Pit or maybe someone a little less known that could bring a whole new decision to the role. But Jim Carry come on that would be weird. He would be a disaster. Johnny Depp is Captain Jack but I believe another could actor who would play the part there way could pull it off. Just my opinion.

  45. Johnny Depp is the one AND Only Capt. Jack Sparrow. If he is replaced I will NOT be watching And my subscription to Disney Plus will be in jeopardy of termination. I’m about done with their nonsensical business anyway !!! I think poor Walt is probably rolling over in his grave these past few years.

  46. There is no Jack Sparrow or Pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny Depp. As much as I like Jim Carrey, this is NOT the right fit. If they don’t get Johhny Depp, they should just leave it alone and move on. They probably won’t listen to the true fans, but bring Johnny Depp or be done with it.

  47. I warned you his whole life was stolen by Keira Knightley (Elizabeth Swann) I want back from her.

    • Nope!
      I love me some Jim Carry, but Captain Jack Sparrow that’s Johnny Depp. Hands down you can’t replace Johnny Depp.
      If so no Captains Jack Sparrow, retire his character .

  48. We All Love Johnny Depp….For Bringing To Life One Of The Most Iconic Characters To Life…Captain Jack Sparrow…Disney
    Don’t Bring Back Pirates Of The Carribien If Johnny Drop Isn’t Are Fameouse Only Captain Jack Sparrow …It Will Be A Lost A Waste Of Money Thetes Only One Iconic Jack Sparrow
    Are Beloved Johnny Depp…

    • There’s no way that Jim Carry can play the part. Johnny Depp is the one, the only Jack Sparrow. If Jim takes over then the series is over for me, I will not watch Carry ruin an iconic character in one of my all time favorite series.

  49. I agree with all these comments! I, for one, and obviously many others will NOT SEE THIS MOVIE WITHOUT JOHNNY DEPP! All Disney has to do is put a public apology out there for listening to the fraud AH and he’s already said he’d do POTC!! DUMB DUMBS!!!! DISNEY, YOU OFFICIALLY SUCK!!

  50. Deborah Trowbridge

    Just Johnny!!!

    • No way, Jim Carrey ???? He would ruin the whole movie !! Johnny Depp is The Only Jack Sparrow we want & need in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. It’s easy to say no one could be better at the role than Depp because he has done it so well for so long. But even looking at this new, as if no one played Jack, Jim Carrey would be absolutely terrible. His acting skills to not match the role of a swashbuckling pirate. Just look at the movies he has played in an imagine those same characters with a tri-corn hat and sword. It just does not work.

  52. PLEASE don’t make a Pirates movies without Depp! He IS the only Jack Sparrow worth watching. The fans of the movie do not care about what happened in his personal life, people have nasty divorces all the time. Maybe Disney would look like the hero here, by forgiving the past, and giving Depp a chance to continue as Sparrow.

  53. I think Hollywood should stop being such cry babies and just give johnny the roll that he was born to play. CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW! I don’t really want to see anyone else but Johnny Depp play the part. In my eyes Johnn is jack sparrow it’s not right what Hollywood is doing to Johnny.

  54. If anyone than Johnny Depp plays Jack sparrow then Disney might as well just burn money, trust me no one wants to see
    Jim Carrey as jack sparrow, he’s always been overrated.

  55. Disney, you would be making a really BIG mistake replacing Johnny with another. Johnny Depp is the One and Only Jack Sparrow! He is well known as Jack.

  56. Did.ney needs to keep Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. Disney is down the the drain and fast. Any company that promoted a gay lifestyle will be destroyed just like Soddom and Gomorrah

  57. Johnny is the only Jack Sparrow! Disney you’ve made millions and millions of dollars on the just the pirate movies. Not to mention the other movies you’ve made. You screwed up by making him guilty BEFORE he was proved innocent! You should HAVE to pay what he wants just because of that! You can afford it. If we make a worldwide boycott of your movies you will be nothing! Walt is probably rolling in his grave about what you did!!!!

  58. Noone can replace Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow! If he is replaced, I will not be watching the film!

  59. Nope has to be JD . Won’t watch . Disney needs to apologize and get JD back . Simple task. . We want Johnny . And Johnny, needs to bend . Your fans are counting on you!

  60. Kind of weird they’d still be vetting actors after cancelling the movie all together last month.

    Seems like an awful lot of “screw you” to everyone, including the person who’s career was ruined by Heard’s BS alligations.

  61. Johnny Depp is the ONE and ONLY Jack Sparrow ❗️❗️❗️
    NO one can replace him ❗️
    Because of Johnny Depp’s brilliance as an actor HE created the much beloved character of Jack Sparrow.
    Because of HIM there would NEVER had been ANY sequels.
    He made Disney billions ❗️
    And how does Disney thank him … they abandoned him and did NOT support him with the Amber Heard problem (they took the lying Bitches side)
    Disney owes Johnny Depp a hugh PUBLIC apology.
    So NO do NOT replace Johnny Depp with Jim Carey OR anyone else.
    Apologize to Johnny Depp and bring him back as Jack Sparrow.

  62. Jim Carrey is a remarkable actor but in Pirates of the Caribbean there is no choice but Johnny Depp. He is irreplaceable. There is no better actor on this planet than Johnny Depp. If his character is replaced in Pirates of the Caribbean by another actor regardless of how great they are, the movie franchise will be forever ruined and millions of fans world wide will be heart broken and drop the idea of fandom for this franchise altogether. Replacing Johnny Depp would be a horrible mistake and the loss of fans and love for Disney movies world wide.
    I would be one of the loss, my entire family and cast of friends as well. No Johnny means there should be no movie. #JohnnyDeppforlife

    • JD is Jack Sparrow!!

      Jim Carrey is a great actor! Johnny Depp is so well loved! Keep Johnny for Pirates of the Caribbean!

  63. Disney cannot dictate am actors life because of junk in the tabloids. People will not accept k carry mo matter what Disney says.

  64. NO!!!!! Johnny Depp is the ONLY one that can play Captain Jack Sparrow. My 6 year old grandson loves HIM!!!! We will not watch P.O.T.C. 6 if JD is not Captain Jack.

  65. Kristina Magdalene " ANGEL OF OKC"


  66. They replace him or he’s not in , it I’m not watching anymore of them

  67. I agree Johnny Depp is best fit for the Sparrow role. But if he is not available, Jim Carrey is next best. He is more than capable – just watch him play the Mask, the Grinch, Ace Ventura, Man on the Moon, etc.. Playing Jack Sparrow would be natural whilst adding a bit more for Carrey.

  68. Johnny Depp is the ONLY Captain Jack Sparrow. Only Johnny. Put anyone else in that role and you will lose your audience. Johnny made the Character we all love. Be smart.

    • Brandywine Blogger

      Johnny Depp is the only Jack Sparrow. Don’t even waste the millions of dollars to make POTC 6 if Depp is not going to be in it. The theaters would be so empty, there would be an echo. The fact that he went through a contentious divorce is nothing in Hollywood.
      And Jim Carrey? He’s a physical, comedic actor and would be an embarrassment to the movie franchise.

  69. Big mistake if Disney replaces Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) with Jim Carrey.
    I will not be watching if that bad decision happens!
    I’d rather they not make another Pirates of the Caribbean movie than to do that! Johnny Depp will always be Jack Sparrow!

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