A Famous Face Is Ready to Take Over for Johnny Depp in ‘Pirates’ Reboot

Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) runs away in 'Pirates' franchise
Credit: Disney

It’s a tough time to be a Pirates of the Caribbean fan. Not only is the Walt Disney World classic ride starting to fall apart, but the future of the beloved film franchise is entirely up in the air.

Desperate fan speculation has shown an audience desire for A-list actor Johnny Depp to return to his iconic role as Captain Jack Sparrow, but most sources seem to suggest he is not interested in returning to work with Disney.

Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow
Credit: Disney

However, a surprising Johnny Depp replacement may just revitalize the Pirates franchise.

No, unfortunately (or fortunately), I’m not referring to the female-driven reboot proposed by Barbie (2023) star Margot Robbie. News shows that plan was squashed by Disney’s desire to continue with a sixth Pirates film, continuing the established saga, even though the script is reportedly pretty odd.

While this information keeps hope alive for many Johnny Depp fans, most agree the professional fallout from his libel case with ex-wife Amber Heard is insurmountable.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Trial on Netflix
Credit: Netflix

You may recall Disney’s active distancing from Depp during this time and Warner Bros’ decision to completely drop him from JK Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts franchise in which he starred as dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald.

Actor Mads Mikkelsen, who just starred in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, took over the Gellert Grindelwald role for the next Fantastic Beasts film, but he won’t be sailing the high seas anytime soon.

The famous face who proved he has the stuff to take over for Jack Sparrow is arguably even more recognizable than Johnny Depp himself – none other than the iconic Mickey Mouse!

Mickey Mouse at Magic Kingdom Park
Credit: Disney

HEY. Before you write this off, you have to consider an Instagram video that has delighting social media, courtesy of Ordinary Adventurer.

The video in question shows Disney star Mickey Mouse absolutely captivating audiences in a show aboard Disney Cruise Line’s ship, the Disney Magic.

Dressed in a long coat and brown pants, Mickey Mouse hangs on a rig above the crowded deck and literally ZIP LINES across as the epic Pirates of the Caribbean theme music plays in the background, WITH coordinated fireworks, obviously.

Disney Cruise Line: Mickey Mouse could make a good Johnny Depp replacement in 'Pirates of the Caribbean'
Credit: Ordinary Adventurer/ Instagram

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As he sails through the air, he moves to the drums and conducts the soundtrack a bit. Clearly, Mickey Mouse knows his way around the spotlight!

He says, “Well, folks, I promised you a party, so here’s a party in the sky!” Cue fireworks. The crowd goes wild. Safely lowered to the ground, Mickey is joined by a pirate crew that includes Cast Members, Minnie Mouse, Chip and Dale, and even Peter Pan’s Captain Hook and Mr. Smee.

All this is a part of Disney Cruise Line’s “Party Like a Pirate” on select itineraries, where Guests can “eat, dance, and be merry at a buccaneer bash fit for a pirate.” It includes food, a deck party with shows, games, and characters, as well as the fireworks show!

Take a look at this spectacular showing below – it’s basically Mickey Mouse’s Pirates audition tape! Oh boy, me hearties, yo-ho!

Pirates of the Caribbean reboot starring Mickey Mouse would certainly be a very *specific* type of reboot, but at this point, it feels like almost anything could happen.

Do you think Mickey Mouse could actually somehow show up in the next installment of the Pirates franchise? Okay, Okay! We get that Mickey doesn’t exactly have the right vibe…who do you think would be the right Johnny Depp replacement then??

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  1. Johnny Depp needs to make one more fair well Carrihian movie!

  2. Johnny Depp is the only one that should even be considered. Why they got up in arms about his ex-wife should be more about her and not putting all the blame on Johnny Depp!!

  3. Johnny Depp is the only Captain Jack Sparrow there ever was or ever will be. We fans don’t care about another POC movie, to be truthful.
    True fans simply want JD to be happy doing what he loves – playing music, making art, and doing an occasional foreign film. He kissed Hollywood goodbye long ago, and rightfully so.

    • Countess Adrian Burrell

      Everyone has moments in their lives that are not their brightest and shiniest. You might not remember, however, the number of occasions that Johnny Depp has spent at children’s wards or children’s hospitals dressed and in character as Captain Jack Sparrow to the delight of patients who truly needed the lift, the sense that someone special cared. He took no money, made no big brouhaha, just made surprise visits (with hospital approval).
      Now you want to cancel him. Trust me, the young children won’t care about his court case(which he won).
      In my humble opinion, and as a faithful Disney fan since I can remember, and I am now 65, my parents were proud to be born in the same year 1928, as Mickey Mouse. When Mom was not well, in her final years, Dad would take her to Disneyland because it made her happy.
      Dad took my second husband and I on a trip to Disneyland as a wedding trip gift because my new husband had never been.
      Please reconsider your decision.
      Countess Adrian Burrell

  4. If Disney has no plans to use Johnny Depp, they don’t need to waste any money making another Pirates movie.

  5. I have never even seen the actor before who took over for Gridelwald. Also Disney distancing themselves from Jonny Depp was greatly disappointing because they didn’t even get the whole information, just abandoned Jonny Depp.
    This bleak error in judgment was the equivalent to killing a beloved character to the people.
    I do believe Jonny would come back to Disney if they ate crow and made a genuine attempt, at a genuine apology.
    This would be so huge, as in billions and billions huge, if Jonny surprised everyone to play Jack Sparrow again.
    He’s our drug of choice that won’t go away anytime soon.

  6. If mickey mouse is the staring role, I hope this movie is animated

    • Johnny can Not be replaced…If he’s not in it..Dont Make it..I won’t watch…I have all the Other Movie’s with JD. ♥️♥️♥️😁

  7. It would not be the same without Johnny Depp, he can’t be replaced

  8. If Disney decides to continue without Johnny Depp the movie will fail. They failed Johnny when they turned their back on him, either they get right with him by sincerly apologizing or they should just drop the franchise.

  9. Entertainer’s personal lives are their own business. They are there to entertain us, not to virtue signal. JD is a terrific actor and to replace him in this iconic role would be an outrage.

  10. Johnny Depp IS Captain Jack Sparrow.
    NOBODY else will ever…ever do. I won’t spend a penny on anybody else..

  11. If disney was not so eager to make Johnny Depp out to be the bad guy none of this would have happened.
    The bull crap that amber heard put him through was uncalled for. I will never watch another Disney movie TV show or anything that evolves Disney again.

  12. Disney I don’t think you understand how happy the people including myself would be and react if we see Johnny Depp back for jack sparrow don’t do this to him he is genuinely a good man and you guys know that …

  13. I agree! If Johnny Depp is not casted as Captain Jack Sparrow the movie in my opinion will be an epic failure!

  14. Want watch any Disney pirate show without Johnny Depp in it Period.

  15. I agree 💯 with everyone else… With no Johnny I will not be watching…. Nothing against anyone else but, there is nobody that could ever replace him and his character. I believe a sincere apology would bring Johnny Depp back. If they don’t bring him back I can’t almost beat that any pirates as a Caribbeans made without him in it will have a negative turnout just like “Aqua Man 2” As they aren’t making the money they thought infact I don’t doubt that they will even make what it cost to make the movie and that would no fault but their own because they didn’t listen to the people that make them the money from movies made.


  17. He moved on, like he should’ve. Not real. Fantasy, did a good job.

    • No Johnny No watch! Disney should be ashamed of themselves! His personal life has nothing to do with his acting abilities. He created Captain Jack Sparrow, its not possible to replace him because the character is him! Shame on you Disney!

  18. Johnny Depp IS Captain Jack Sparrow and NO ONE else can be him. Sorry Disney hang it up , you messed up big time.

  19. Any Pirates of the Caribbean movie will completely fail if Johnny Depp is not the main character. Nobody will go to see it. Certainly not me

  20. Disney would be throwing away millions of dollars if they attempt a Pirates of the Caribbean movie without Johnny Depp as the lead character. He made the series the success it was. It will flop without him

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