Disney Fans Are All Asking the Same Thing: Where Is Winona Ryder?

haunted mansion 2023 ensemble cast owen wilson disney rosario dawson where is winona ryder
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Today Disney fans are expecting to get some major answers on the new ride reboot film Haunted Mansion. The film brags a star-studded cast including Owen Wilson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Rosario Dawson, Danny Devito, and more. But fans are hung up on the supposed involvement of spooky icon Winona Ryder. The Haunted Mansion Twitter page tweeted that the cast would be answering fan questions soon, and many replies were about Ryder.

Some people wanted to know if Eddie Murphy (from the 2003 film) would be making a cameo, and others wanted to know if Owen Wilson would get a chance to say one of his famous “Wows.” But many were looking for more information on Winona’s role in the production, especially because this adaptation seems to be a bit darker and more twisted. Ryder’s specialty.

When the trailer premiered in May, fans couldn’t help but notice that Ryder was absent. While this Haunted Mansion iteration looks promising, fans realized that Ryder will most likely have a smaller role among the already full ensemble cast. In fact, this led to intense speculation over what exact role she will be playing.

haunted mansion 2023 ensemble cast owen wilson disney rosario dawson

Credit: Disney

Fans are guessing the role is iconic. The speculation is that Winona Ryder will play Constance Hatchaway, otherwise known at “The Bride.” In the Haunted Mansion attraction at Disney Parks, she is depicted as a ghostly bride, wearing a wedding dress and veil, and is rumored to have murdered five of her husbands. Her character can be found throughout the attraction, including in the stretching room and ballroom scenes.

haunted mansion disney theme park ride attraction the bride ghost

Credit: Disney

While Winona Ryder’s storyline might not be the main focus of the film, fans will certainly be thrilled if she does end up playing The Bride. Very on brand for her. Despite the mystery surrounding Ryder’s involvement, fans are pretty excited for the 2023 release of Haunted Mansion.

Check out the cast promoting the film as Haunted Mansion ride Cast Members at Disneyland!

Haunted Mansion hits theaters July 28! And, as always, beware foolish mortals…


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