Bride Spends Nearly $15,000 on Disney Photoshoot

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Disney weddings are not cheap!

Getting married is an incredibly special experience for every couple. The magic of preparing for your special day is something that people wait their whole lives to do. For TikToker @thespookyblonde, her dream wedding had to be at Walt Disney World. She and her husband love all things Disney, but they have a special love for one ride in particular, The Haunted Mansion. On their special day, this couple opted for a spooky Haunted Mansion-themed bridal shoot. They looked terrific, but the experience came at a high price.

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Disney Weddings Do Not Come Cheap

Every bride and groom dreams that their wedding will be the most magical day of their lives. For The Spooky Blonde, this meant having an incredible haunted mansion-themed photoshoot on her wedding day. The Disney TikToker has amassed a large audience of over 56.5K followers on the app. Many of these followers tune in to learn about her process of planning her extravagant Disney wedding.

The Spooky Blonde’s entire wedding looked incredible, but the thing that set it apart from the standard Disney wedding was her Haunted Mansion shoot. Fans have been begging her to reveal the price of such a photoshoot for a while, and finally, the Spooky Blonde has shared the details.

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In her recent TikTok, she explained that the photoshoot happened during an attraction add-on that she purchased for her wedding. With the attraction add-on, her wedding Guests were privately escorted to the ride after the Park had closed. There, they were able to ride The Haunted Mansion as much as they liked. The attraction add-on cost her $10,000. She also paid an extra $800 to be escorted to the ride. While the Guests were riding the attraction, she and her groom had a hired photographer take a photo shoot. The photographer cost another $3,000.


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While this $13,800 number might sound insane to some people, the Spooky Blonde feels confident in her decision. She explains that she worked very hard to save for this wedding, and she would do it all over again if she could.

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